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So who’s to blame? Questions on the case of Ephraim becoming more

So who's to blame? Questions on the case of Ephraim becoming more

the Lawyer of the actor Mikhail Yefremov Elman Pashayev refused to answer the question whether his client was driving at the time of the fatal accident on the Garden ring. Ephraim is accused that he was drunk driving and caused an accident that killed 57-year-old courier Sergey Zakharov.

Questions in the case of Michael Ephraim is becoming more. Whether a clearly-defined position of the lawyer, whether the actor himself changed his mind… According to the defense, the defendant in this high-profile fatal accidents now is not an admission of guilt.

“Today, Yefremov stated innocence in committing the accident, says Elman Pashayev, the lawyer of the actor. – More I will not explain, it is premature. The crime he did not commit. Mikhail Olegovich, when informed said, “I want to pay”… not to “compensate”, and “willing to pay”, because the accident involved his car.”

According to the investigation, on June 8, Efremov district, Smolensk area left on an oncoming lane and collided with a Lada car. The driver Sergey Zakharov was seriously injured and died in hospital. The next day Yefremov in an interview admitted his guilt. “Where shall I go?” – he asked then.

Later, live television showed footage of what did Ephraim in the day of the accident. First by taxi, then on own car traveled to Moscow in search of alcohol in shops and bars. “At five in the morning he came here five zero four left, — tells the seller of one of shops. Four minutes he was here. I watched the video. He came in, they quickly climb here… it was a cap with a red edging, mask, black sunglasses large. The fact that it was in the time of the accident – that he was here.”

the Investigation revealed that the actor was in a condition of alcoholic and narcotic intoxication. Examination showed that the artist is sane. The information that the relatives of the deceased agreed to be paid, andx representative denied. “He did not accept any of the proposals — said the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky zakharovykh. I never agreed to these proposals have not answered. Everything has to be just on the court… I heard today that we started to bargain. I refused to meet with a colleague who is of Ephraim. One hundred million rubles… at Least three hundred, at least a billion. There is this explanation: Sergei if he were alive, would never allow.”

After the new statements of lawyers Ephraim issues in history even more now. If the actor did not plead guilty, then who committed the crime?

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