Sobchak lost the contract with Audi because of the accusations of racism and is going to sue

German carmaker Audi announced the termination of the advertising contract with the Russian TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak.

According to the representative of the company Werner Neuhold, the reason was the revision of the program advertising cooperation, however, were taken into account and her posts in Instagram about the riots in the United States.

“Audi resolutely opposes all forms of racism and discrimination, as it is incompatible with our corporate culture,” said Marhold, adding that any suspicion of a violation in this field are always seriously investigated. “The incidents we know are unacceptable to us”, — he stressed.

According to him, Sobchak has informed on rupture of the contract on 16 June and 24 June she was sent a written message about it, reports RIA Novosti.

On his page in Instagram Ksenia Sobchak has repeatedly commented on the riots that erupted in the US after the murder of a police officer of African-American George Floyd. In particular, on 2 June, she criticized the pogroms, which satisfied the protesters. And on June 6, when social media users around the world have been posting images of black squares as a sign of condemnation of racism and solidarity with the protesters, issued a video where the black background played the song “Kill the nigger” group “Forbidden drummers”. On the same day the post was deleted.

on 24 June, the German edition of Business Insider published an article in which he accused Sobchak of racism. However, the Russian TV presenter strongly disagree and planned to sue the journalists in court.

“the German edition was published with the title “Ksenia Sobchak called black people stupid and lazy” and accused me of racism. It is an outright lie. Such words I never said. And will demand apology,” she wrote in her Telegram-channel.

According to her, people are not divided into black and white, but “are divided into clever and stupid.” This Sobchak stressed that he is against any protests if they are associated with violence.