Sobyanin: access to movie theaters and sporting events can allow in July

If you will allow the epidemiological situation, the Muscovites in July will be allowed to visit the cinema, theatres, sports and events. About it on air of TV channel “Russia 1” said the mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

According to the mayor, if the statistics of infection COVID-19 will deteriorate, the timing of the removal of restrictions postponed. On the contrary, the tendency to attenuation of the epidemic will allow “more and more back to a normal life.”

Since June 16, will open in Moscow museums, exhibition halls, dental clinics, zoos. June 23 planned to open fitness-centers and pools. Also allowed to sit on the benches, swings and gazebos.

May was the heaviest month in the fight against coronavirus infection, said mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The mortality rate in capital higher than the usual figure several times. According to Sobyanin, this is due to peak in the incidence of coronavirus in late April — early may. Only in may in the capital has died more than 5.2 thousand people.

“2700 Of them died directly from COVID. Another part died from what COVID provoked a chronic illness – it’s about a thousand people, the rest died of other causes, but they had a test for COVID,” — said Sobyanin.

the Exact cause of death has allowed to establish mortem examination. The mayor hopes that the mortality rate in June will be reduced significantly.

“the Question is not only in the statistics or the number of deaths: each death is a tragedy, it hurts people, I’m sorry for their grief,” — said Sobyanin.

Moscow was able to deploy powerful hospital network, and to provide doctors with the most modern drugs against COVID-19. As told by the mayor, the city has enough intensive care and medical ventilators.

“But the disease is very dangerous, the worst that it still provokes a number of chronic diseases, which people suffer years,” said the mayor.

Among patients with severe coronavirus often got those said Sobyanin, who was self-medicating, addressed in some private clinics or to family physicians.

the Mayor once again thanked the doctors who work with infected patients.

“Saved patients who entered our clinic Kovenya, 65 thousand people. For each of these lives was a real struggle. I am very grateful to the doctors,” — concluded Sobyanin.