Sobyanin: are there any restrictions on the coronavirus will be filmed in different days of June

Life of the inhabitants of Moscow again changes dramatically. Already on 9 June in the Russian capital are canceled mode isolation, an electronic pass and a timetable of walks in parks. This was announced by Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin.

Exit with no restrictions on the street to drive on and use public spaces can all citizens, including Muscovites over the age of 65 and citizens with chronic diseases. The newly earned social security cards, and the beneficiaries will be able to enjoy free travel on public transport, said the mayor in a live TV channel “Russia 1”.

Also since June 9, will begin work in Moscow Barber shops and beauty salons. From June 16 to open outdoor cafes and museums. According to the schedule of city hall from June 23 to begin work, restaurants and fitness clubs.

a Timetable for the withdrawal of restrictions in three stages 9, 16 and 23 June and approved by Sergei Sobyanin. Thereon from June 9 to resume work social security cards, benefit recipients can benefit from free travel. Also removed the lock and with all kinds of other travel. Also on this day to resume work shop, veterinary clinics and employment agencies, repealed restrictions on the operation of car-share.

To their regular activities, stressed by the mayor, from June 9 will be able to return public organizations, film studios, recording studios, and scientific institutes.

Repealed restrictions on visiting the city’s cemeteries, rehearsals will be able to return to the theatres, concert organizations and circuses.

June 16 to abolish restrictions on the provision of routine care in dental clinics. Also from this date will resume libraries, real estate offices, rental services, advertising, consulting and others providing services to citizens and business agencies. Its doors will also open museums, galleries and zoos. But to visit them can only be electronic tickets. It is connected with observance of social distance.

23 Jun limits for RAbot sports industry — fitness clubs, bassanio and physical fitness facilities and also resumed passenger navigation on the Moscow river.

“From this day we will again ride on a river boat, — he podcherknul Sergei Sobyanin. — Also will be lifted restrictions on the work of kindergartens, including non-governmental institutions. In normal operation return the institutions of social protection of the population. And, perhaps, one of the most anticipated openings. June 23, we plan to remove restrictions on the use of elements of public infrastructure. And that means the kids will be able to re-swing, sports fans — download muscle fitness, and grandmother to rest on the benches in the yards, squares and parks of Moscow.”

the Decision to lift the remaining restrictions will be taken further, said the mayor of Moscow. He recalled that Moscow is the third week there is a decrease in cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19, but the risk of infection still remains.

“We need to constantly monitor the situation and prevent new outbreaks. Each of us must continue to observe the mode of self-preservation and respect for others”, — said the mayor.

He congratulated everyone on another overall victory and a big step in returning to a normal life.

“take care of yourself and your loved ones, friends!” – asked the mayor to the citizens.