Sobyanin believes that access to fitness centers and beauty Salons

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin on June 4, responded to questions from the audience of the TV channel “Russia 24”. Anton Shepitko noted that the mayor has opened venues for professionals.

“it is Clear that for them a month without exercise – in fact, lost year, — said the Muscovite. — What will happen to ordinary people? When you can not only bike, but also go to the gym or swim in the pool?”

the Mayor said that while talking about open gyms for the residents of Moscow it is early.

“Let’s get through these stages, which we now decided-suggested the mayor. And then, on the basis of the epidemiological situation and the number of newly identified patients, we will do that.”

the mayor acknowledged that this important side of life and an important sector of the economy, given the number of gyms.

“We’re not gonna forget this story, and as soon as we can, everything is open” — promised the mayor.

“When you open the registry offices to the ceremony? – asked the mayor Dmitry Krasnov and his bride. — We have a wedding in the summer was planned, and now do not know what to do: either sign in the presence of relatives, nor in the restaurant to sit.”

“go to the registry office and register today,- said Sobyanin. — But to hold a crowd, a wedding event still early. If we allow this, then we allow the operation of restaurants, public events. Still, it’s another stage. Most importantly, make your wedding turned into a tragedy for the people who have contracted the coronavirus seriously started to hurt”.

in Moscow it is too early to talk about festivals, because it is a large mass events. But on Friday and Saturday 5 June in Moscow, the mayor assured, will earn the weekend in almost all areas of the city.

“And about street festivals — now it is gtalk to early. As for the book fair on red square, or weekend fairs, this is more of a trade event, — said Sobyanin. — I don’t think they will cause a large crowd of people. In any case, it is possible to arrange to pass in a quiet mode”.

the Mode of self-isolation because of the situation with coronavirus COVID-19 introduced in Moscow on 29 Mar 2020. Were closed many stores, cafes, gyms and other facilities, parks for walking. Following stabilization of the epidemiological situation began easing restrictive measures. May 12, opened factories and construction sites, and on 25 may the visitors began to take 88 from about 130 centres. Also newly available for long term rental cars and car sharing. On June 1, in Moscow started the second phase of easing restrictions — the newly opened trade enterprises and of the enterprises of sphere of services, with restrictions, but residents of the city can now go on walks three days a week, but no further than 2 miles from home. The system of digital badges and other restrictive measures in Moscow extended until June 14.

Sergei Sobyanin promised to withdraw from most of the restrictions for Muscovites before 1 July. But glove-mask mode can persist until mid-autumn.