Sobyanin Moscow: it is necessary to get used to normal life

About how city officials estimate the effect of the withdrawal restrictions, as well as about why Moscow was called one of the leading cities in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, told the TV channel “Russia 1” the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

Dizzying stunts on bicycles, somersaults on the trampoline and new records in the gym. Moscow is not alive — Moscow again lives life to the fullest. In “Luzhniki” — the first after the abolition of the insulation the sport. So in the capital celebrated national youth Day.

“of course, Moscow city youth: 2.5 million people from 14 to 30 years — is a country of youth, — said Sobyanin. — The ancient city itself, but we try to make it out alive, cheerful. And, in fact, it defines the youth of the city or not. Not even the number of younger people, and the atmosphere. Thousands of playgrounds in the courtyards, squares, parks. Extreme parks, employment programmes. Of course, pandemics, all these restrictions once took some time resets this beautiful story. But now, you see, rapidly return to sports facilities in parks and squares. I think the youth movement, the sport will recover quickly in the city.”

And the potential for this is only growing. This week in the North opened a unique Center of modern pentathlon.

“This is one of the largest centres in Europe — maybe even the largest, where under one roof all types of pentathlon. This and the pool is lovely, a 50-metre, professional, and show jumping, and archery, and fencing. It is, of course, will work at Northern village, the inhabitants of which will be more exercise,” says the mayor.

sports again in the fitness centers and workout sites. Resumed work pools. Moscow entered into the third phase of the lifting of restrictions. Restaurants and cafés opened the inner halls, in the normal GHDwhether kindergartens.

“it’s Hard to kindergartens to adapt now. This is a special staff requirements, for teachers, Tutors, nannies. This is a mask mode, the gloves, the need to frequently disinfect all. To divide the children so that they do not overlap. A number of other requirements. This is a additional difficult burden. Now just a period of adaptation going on,” said the mayor.

Despite the fact that most restrictions have been removed, the number of people in the parks, on the streets, in public transport has increased significantly, worsening the situation of coronavirus is not. Yes, still have new cases, but they are significantly less.

“Many of them even rubbed the handle, saying, here, look, all done prematurely, it was not necessary to do that, now something terrible will happen. Nothing terrible has happened. Passed all these peaks have been situation where there was extreme danger that we again jump to the top. Over the past week reduced the number of identified newly infected. Reduced the number of hospitalized, seriously ill, who are on a ventilator, who is ill with pneumonia, — explains Sergey Sobyanin. — When you start to talk around one of the index — today it was the same today 20 people more, less, it is necessary to look still longer period. And not one indicator, and once a number, which shows where to move the situation. I have to say responsibly that the situation is improving week by week. Now, many are psychologically resistant to openness. It seems so unusual and even risky — which is partly true, of course. But you still need to get used to normal life. Of course, it is necessary to keep the precautionary measures prescribed by the sanitary doctors.”

According to authoritative international research company, BCG, the system adopted in Moscow, measures to combat coronavirus entered the list of world’s best practices. We are among the mountainsrevenues-leaders, managed to get the pandemic under control.

“of Course, in many ways, what happened in Moscow, from the point of view of the handling process was based on international experience, which we have seen and adapted to Moscow. Everyday clear support of the President, government of the Russian citizens, Muscovites, and, of course, our wonderful medical community. All this together gave the effect that can truly be considered one of the best practices today. We started to take action much earlier than many other cities, which took place about the same situation,” says the mayor.

Under the ban are still mass events — concerts, festivals. In theaters auditoriums until empty, but the artists have already started to prepare for the new season.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”