Sobyanin: Moscow kindergartens will be all summer, to work in duty groups

In the mode of rescue groups over the summer season, will work in Moscow kindergartens. This in an exclusive interview to the channel “Russia 24” said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

Answering the question Muscovite Hopes that inquired when it will be possible to take the girl to kindergarten, Sobyanin said that kindergartens, its work on pandemic disease, coronavirus COVID-19 was not suspended and not closed.

kindergartens were established, additional on-duty groups. If earlier they were about two and a half thousand children, now they are at four thousand.

“We did not close kindergartens, — said Sergey Sobyanin. — I think that kindergartens will operate in the same mode all summer.”

In this case, simply call the institution and agree that you will bring your child, gave advice to young mothers Sergei Sobyanin.