Sobyanin on a situation with coronavirus: may in Moscow was the most difficult

In may, died in Moscow a little over 5200 people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus. However, only 2700 of them died directly from COVID-19, said the mayor Sergei Sobyanin the TV channel “Russia 24” on Saturday, June 13.

He acknowledged that may was perhaps the worst month in this sense, since the peak incidence occurred at the end of April — beginning of may. And the number of deaths during this period “really big”, said Sobyanin.

the Mayor compared the situation in Moscow with the situation in other cities, where the mortality rate has increased several times compared to previous years. “Some twice, some three times. There is a decent increase in mortality,” he said, noting that in the capital, this was not observed.

In terms of the spread of coronavirus city authorities acted on the basis of who recommendations and instructions, developed jointly with the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, said Sobyanin.

for his part, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said earlier on Saturday that the peak incidence of novel coronavirus infection in Russia was on may 11, when the mode of working days.

According to the operational headquarters, on 13 June in Moscow revealed 1 493 new cases of infection, their total number was 204 428. Recovered only 119 558 people died 3 231.