Sobyanin praised the creation of the New Moscow

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin called a “right decision” as the new territories in 2012. On its website, the mayor wrote that there were different points of view and critical evaluation, but the life proved that eight years ago made the right decision.

the New territories joined to Moscow on 1 July 2012. Some districts of the Moscow region a total area of 148 thousand hectares of become the capital, increasing the area of the “best city of the Earth” in 2,5 times.

Investment gave a huge impetus to the development of the New Moscow: the number of jobs has grown three times — from 85 thousand to 258 thousand, built 11.7 million square meters of housing built 84 setobject (kindergartens, schools, clinics), while preserved forests (up to 51% of the territory of New Moscow), as well as garden plots and garden associations to previously remote areas spend gas and asphalt roads, new metro station and the IDC.