Sobyanin: rush to send children to kindergartens in Moscow is not worth it

Requirements for the work in the kindergartens staff, number of kids in the group, so the threads are not crossed and so on is very serious, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. During a pandemic, in kindergartens worked on-duty groups, their number increases. But the mayor urged parents to refrain from sending the child to kindergarten.

“some kind of adaptation period still have to go,” — said Sergey Sobyanin in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”.

So the mayor answered the question, when will start to work in Moscow kindergartens.

“But, if necessary, be added immediately the mayor of the Russian capital, children’s garden, of course, will your child be sure”.

Today, about 50 thousand children attend kindergartens, continued the mayor of Moscow, but there is a request to 80 thousand. It’s more than last summer, said Sobyanin, as many Muscovites anywhere out of the metropolis in contrast to the summer of 2019. It is important, said Sergei Sobyanin, to minimize the risk of infecting the children. Therefore, in kindergartens introduced a special regime of arrival of the adults in the kindergarten for their children. With each of the adults signed a schedule of arrival to avoid a congestion of people in the preschool institutions. Also developed an algorithm to identify children with infectious diseases, they do not fall in the kindergarten.

kindergartens were mostly closed since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. Worked only on-duty groups. Now in Moscow the growth of new cases of infection with coronavirus in only four days decreased by 26%. In Moscow on 25 June, revealed 885 new cases of infection. Only in Moscow were recorded 217 thousand 791 case of infection.

Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova said earlier that about 2 million children in the Russian capital are now in quarantine because of the coronavirus. They are not yet able to return to kindergartens.