Sobyanin said the Moscow will return to a normal life

the Situation in Moscow changes for the better. As the restrictive measures in the capital will take in the future? How long will they last? This is not only in an interview with Dmitry Suhareva on the TV channel “Russia 24” said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

– Now people want to hear more about the measures that you announced the day before during a conversation with the President. Athletes ask when will open the fitness centers, gyms, fitness centers, runners don’t want to run around in masks. Other do not fully understand, such as walking schedule after 9am — this, I think, until June 1, we will understand, as with any innovation. Especially now I see that on the website map of where on each house to see what schedule he entered. In principle, it is clear: people now want all over with — preferably yesterday. You, as the leader of metropolis, surely also want the same, but still the problem you have is the other – to save people. You during the interview, by the way, never used the word “isolation”, but you said “mode of self-preservation”. I think it’s not just.

– Yes, it’s really not just because we often blame, say, the same health officers: “here we have imposed a regime”, and “all we are tired of this regime,” and “when you will cancel it”. You know, these are not things that someone sitting in the office comes up with. It is life itself dictates to us: it is a matter of self-preservation, preservation of life and health of people. All our preventive measures are needed in order to prevent hard development scenario of the pandemic. Well, the algorithm for the cancellation of all these measures depends not on someone’s desire, but from an objective situation which can be used without risk to human life, to repeal certain limitations. Thank God, those times come.

– please Tell us how the situation that we have now correlated with the measures of the catthe fact that you have declared for the period from June 1 to June 14?

– Needs to please: despite the fact that we have opened the entire industry, the construction that the number of people on the streets has increased, IFC has started to work — however, the situation has not deteriorated — thanks to the work of doctors, the entire medical system, which is opposed to the coronavirus. And most importantly, thanks to the responsible behavior of the Muscovites. Because we are simultaneously with the opening of entire industries has introduced additional measures – masked modes of transport, trade and so on, tightened requirements of the enterprise. All this together gave the opportunity today to say that the situation has not worsened, but has improved, and improved significantly. Remember, Dmitri, not so long ago we discussed the number of patients newly identified coronavirus, which was measured five, six thousand, and today we are talking about two thousand, two and a half. The situation is at least two times better than some time ago. And 40 percent better than what we had before may 12, when he started to work all the major enterprises in the city. So what we have today, the advances that together we have achieved allow to make the following steps to open new industries, new sectors of the economy and, most importantly, the resolution of the walks to the public.

– As I understand it, the main thing in this situation — that people, despite the good weather, sun and summer, not moved to the volume of contacts it had been before the epidemic. As far as the threat still remains now?

– of Course, remains. By themselves the numbers are very high. And the main task — to move slowly, but improving. Not that to take everything prescrit irresponsible, and make some decisions, and then all this arguing up and then all of us are going to close. I never wanted this to happen. So while we give the opportunity to work in the sphere of trade in full (almost without any restrictions — fair weekend, byowie services), the possibility of walking — not all at the same time, but on a specific schedule — but still possible — at the same time we are saying, even to go out better in the mask. Because when people come out, there is no guarantee that they will not concentrate to such an extent that there will be direct contact. People will be in the meter-half a meter away from each other. And who will ensure that you are not is a person who is a carrier of a coronavirus, even if he has no signs of disease no? I will remind once again screening the research we conduct in Moscow today revealed 14 per cent, is in fact to the entire population, at all Muscovites, 14 percent of people who have markers of a coronavirus, mostly which have already received the antibodies. But it’s still a large percentage. Some of them are in the stage of formation of immunity — and still have the marker of the lgm, which suggests that there is the disease. Therefore, giving the opportunity for a normal life, at the same time we urge — I urge Muscovites to be very careful.

– Mr Sobyanin, I-it’s just very clear because I still remember the civil defense course in which they also talked about protection of the population at epidemic risk. One of the principles of infection safety — time to identify the source, and the less time searching for this source, the better. As we now approached, so to speak, to such epidemic standards?

– We exceeded them. In Moscow, as I recall, the minimum standard set by the CPS is 7 thousand tests. And we are doing about 50 thousand PCR tests. This is one of the highest rates in the world among all cities. Now start to scale the whole system of IFA test, which holds an unprecedented screening study. And, as we said, start accepting residents in the clinics by appointment. Zthe recording is open, as I recall, for 2 weeks. And activity of Muscovites is very high, recording almost all filled. Open more days for the record. It is possible that we will try to further increase this volume. Honestly, I didn’t even think that it would be so popular and in demand.

– No, it’s just expected. All people want to know whether they were sick with coronavirus to this or not, because it is one of the now popular calls: “in December, ill or in January.”

Yes, talking the talk, but when we are 70 thousand people were interviewed and invited to the clinic, was 5-7 thousand. Of the 10 invited came only one person. So I had doubts that anyone will want now to come to donate blood, to go to the clinic and so on. It turned out that the activity is really high. And I am grateful to Muscovites, because knowledge is better than ignorance. The knowledge of what is happening in the city from the point of view of the emergence of immune segment that determines for any epidemic — you can see it and the beginning and peaks, and the recession and so on. This is very important information. And of course, the understanding for each person, at what stage, in terms of token it is. Either he has nothing or he has a marker that says that he is the disease, or it goes out of the disease, or he’s already got the antibodies.

– Mr Sobyanin, speaking about restrictions, you can look at international experience. Many countries have now switched to the 4-th, 5-th stage of lifting of restrictions when opening up restaurants, beauty parlours, the heads of health authorities say that precautions like masks, gloves, social distance — will remain long enough. And you in the above interview also said that you need to wait until the vaccine. We know that the emergence of vaccines does not automatically mean that it immediately begins to be applied, you need more ODAedinennoe time for her test. As said Sergei Shoigu yesterday in an interview with the President, the vaccine may appear in July. Measures to limit, respectively, will have to continue until this moment. Should we expect that we will periodically introduce new breaks? That earn, for example, a summer cafe? Verandas at restaurants? Earned, finally, the beauty?

– of Course we hope that it will come too. And we are not going to wait until all the population is vaccinated. Of course, if the situation permits, if will be maintained the dynamics of reduction of infection of the population, and the next steps associated with fitness rooms and beauty, with all beauty that is in the city.

– Mr Sobyanin, the President gave instructions to provide support for those regions in which even quite complicated epidemiological situation. North Ossetia, and Dagestan, and Transbaikalia. Today these regions have already sent a group of physicians. But people ask: in Moscow, in fact, the most difficult situation in Moscow, most of all infected people in Moscow, most hospitalized. We find ourselves in a situation where we will not have enough doctors, not enough medicines due to the fact that we now redirect the resources?

– Nothing of the sort. When we had a difficult situation, we had not even dozens, but hundreds of physicians from other regions. Came to us and from Chechnya, and Dagestan, and from Vladimir, and Pskov, and other regions that we are helping. Helped us in a huge number of people came, hired for temporary work. Today, 50 percent of hospital beds are defined under COVID-19, free. 50 cent is a huge amount. And we are now beginning work on the translation this free bed Fund in the normal routine work. Stocks of medicines, personal protective equipment, ventilation and so forth in Moscow created large, designed for a different, much moree a tough situation than it is today. I was just interviewed in one of the temporary medical centers. It is a huge centre with a capacity of 15 thousand square meters. All Covina group — 27 thousand square meters, is the plus 15 thousand, which are in reserve. In the case of aggravation of the situation they will be involved. I hope that this is not required. But, nevertheless, the reserves needed to fight COVID-19, in Moscow created the most powerful. And selection of multiple teams and a small quantity of drugs for regions, of course, in no way compromise the security of Moscow can not. But to help the regions that will be enough. They, too, are not idly sitting. They’ve also deployed funds and the number of beds, doctors and so on. But what is the value of the Moscow doctors? They were the first to enter the huge load, was, as they say, the very first shot. They have developed the latest techniques, experienced them. Their experience and knowledge, of course, be useful in the regions. It is necessary to share. We actually spent a huge amount of online seminars, to teach people to work, to help them develop and learn new techniques. But one thing online, and another thing, when the next in the intensive care unit are those doctors who tell you what decisions need to be taken. And it is very important to help today, those regions which are in a difficult situation.

– Mr Sobyanin, we have a few questions, which were recorded by my colleagues — editors and reporters, let us now move on to them. Basically now people are interested in and that will be during the test — or rather, the results. That’s what he asks, for example, Sergey Timoshenko.

Sergey Timoshenko: Hello, Mr Sobyanin. If a person during testing for antibodies discovered coronavirus, what to do?

– If discovered coronavirus, then you need to call from a call centre, we need you to visit a doctor to write a sick leave, to provide surveillancefor you treatment, if necessary, take an additional PCR test, which has some different technology, but can give an official confirmation of the disease. Naturally, it will be necessary to comply with doctors ‘ orders. This is important. Thank God, most of those being ELISA diagnostics has already developed antibodies, that is they have immunity to coronavirus. But the piece really reveals those people who are presently in the stage of the disease. And, of course, have to follow a certain regime, try not to leave home to protect their loved ones, not to infect their infection. This is very important. It is necessary to adhere to these rules is mandatory.

– Yes, and moreover, virologists have said on our channel, that the results obtained may not mean definitely that you are not this disease. They simply identify antibodies and then, respectively, in another test, you find out you are sick now or not. Mr Sobyanin, there is another question from Irina.

Irina: Hello, Mr Sobyanin. And I would like to know how to obtain test results for antibodies. It will be some SMS coming alert as those that we receive when we were invited to take tests? Or is it possible to create some on the website of the Department of health closed section? Thank you very much.

– Irina, you do not need to create any special partitions, closed. All information about ELISA tests loaded in your personal e-card which you can see. It has a special system of access, closeness and so on. It belongs to you and you’re on this electronic medical record can get all the information. Dimitri, I still wanted to add: actually, we do not have the classic ELISA tests and the IHA tests. What’s the difference? If a simple ELISA test only determines the marker g and says – ill or not ill, the IHA test detects the marker m, which showsAET that you have the disease. Moreover, we determine the level of these tests. It’s a slightly different, much more advanced system. And it certainly determines whether there is any incidence of a person in the moment or not, it is at the initial stage of the disease, the average, the final stage. If you take a few samples, you can see the momentum growing as antibodies.

– Yes, Mr Sobyanin, you now have more understanding of testing methodologies than some of the professionals who are on our channel were. There is still one question, is also quite characteristic, and also about medical care. Specifies Larisa.

Larissa: Mr Sobyanin, Hello! My name is Larisa Viktorovna. I have a question: when the Institute Sklifosovsky recover planned hospitalization? Tell me, please, we are waiting.

– Larissa Viktorovna, next week in all hospitals of the city of Moscow resumes routine care. It is clear that it is not just nerestitsja will be gradually increased, but, nevertheless, we have this week allowed the clinics to arrange planned care. Most likely, most of them really will start accepting patients next week. You will need to undergo a certain procedure, to pass the tests. To withstand a period of time so that the doctors were with a guarantee of sure that the patient who comes to them, not sick with coronavirus. So we have not created the source of infection, so we don’t get closed then the office and the hospital. This is not necessary, so certain precautions will still be.

– In this context, Mr Sobyanin, this is still a question. Is it now time to return some hospitals that have been redeveloped for combating coronavirus a threat to their profile?

Yes, I sent a letter about a week ago, we gave up three Federal clinics that were planned to translate under karanvirus. Now I prepared the next block of the clinics that we offer to the Ministry of health to return to normal life, planned care. Some of our clinics will go — a total of around 5 thousand beds. 5 thousand a lot or a little? For example, Kommunarka is 600 beds, and some large clinics is about 2 thousand patients. This is a great deal. Well, gradually we will be another part to translate. But some part of hospitals will still remain, because it is important to keep the situation, to ensure that Muscovites assistance in case of infection with coronavirus.

– Mr mayor, I wanted to ask about the military parade that will take place in Moscow on June 24. By that time it will already people the opportunity to not only watch it on TV?

– You know, the Red square has its limitations, and always on the day of the parade came by invitation. This time the situation is more complex: certainly, the free access will not be there. However, I think that by 24 June, the situation will be better, at least I hope so.

– Yes, we can all hope.

– With the Ministry of defence we are now preparing.

Yes, of course, with the Ministry of defense you have now will be consistent work for the organization do this for all important events. Everyone is waiting for — indeed, it is very symbolic, June 24 — as in 1945, 75 years ago. Mr Sobyanin, we will not hold you no longer. Allow me also to wish health, it is really very important now. Mr Sobyanin, thank you for this conversation.