Sobyanin: the electronic voting absolute safe

In visiting the Studio in the CEC during the second day of voting on amendments to the Constitution on the questions of TV channel “Russia 24” said the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova and the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

– Mr Sobyanin, the first question to you. As it is now arranged remote e-voting in Moscow? Did you have to modify it after the elections to the Moscow city Duma last year, and what technologies are used?

After the Moscow city Duma elections, it became clear that this is a reliable and comfortable way of voting. You can vote at home, at the cottage or on the road. Even if you are abroad, even if you are in space, can vote without any problems, — stressed in the answer Sergey Sobyanin. For Muscovites it is, in such conventional technology, because through the “Active citizen” we vote a lot of questions related to urban life.

According to the Moscow mayor, electronic voting and electronic services for the capital’s citizens – it is a way of life.

– Therefore, with the consent of the Central electoral Commission, we decided to experiment and to vote on the Constitution — continued the mayor.

According to him, may be the CEC and would not have dared to do it, but as the situation was associated with the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, and the situation was quite alarming, when the decision on electronic voting.

– And electronic voting is a big plus – it is absolutely safe. You can, without coming to the polling station to vote. If you’re afraid to go there, although there is, in my opinion, very safe. But, nevertheless, this option too is, — said the mayor, stressing that today the situation is different, stable and secure.

the electronic voting system during the elections to the Moscow city Duma were amended. Continued the mayor.

– based on past elections, we have made the system more powerful — elaborated on the essence of the changes Sergei Sobyanin. – That’s because we have other quantities of the vote, more people who signed up for electronic voting. Plus: connected to the Nizhny Novgorod region. It is also an additional technical difficulty was. The entry through the Federal portal of public Services – that, too, was not. And of course, last time there were such nuances, when man, withdrawing to your mobile newsletter, for 15 minutes didn’t manage for some reason to fill it, the newsletter disappeared. It wasn’t pleasant. So we have now made the option in which the newsletter will hang for as long as the smartphone is enabled.

Sergei Sobyanin explained that to ponder such serious issues as amendments to the Constitution submitted to a popular vote, how can anything cool hour can, two-three, no restrictions.

And that is very important: we have conducted systematic work on the reconciliation of all databases — will continue Sobyanin. — Electronic databases, databases of the CEC, district election commissions, territorial election commissions and so on. And this work we perform continuously, every day, and then at the end before July 1 will be full reconciliation base. So this eliminates all sorts of provocation, zadvoenie votes and so on. The system works in such a way to cut off any breach, particularly if this violation is done intentionally. So the system, I think, be fairly robust and easy this time.

– But today Muscovites actively use this feature?

– Very active. Of the one million enrolled to vote already voted, in my opinion, 560 thousand voted. The figure is constantly changing, but it is very active, frankly, admits the mayor of the Russian capital. We didn’t expect such dynamics of voting. It’s all unfolding before our eyes and in the eyes of observers.

– Here’s another question, just regarding 1 July. On the first day glosowania we have already seen that the members of the election Commission in masks and gloves, sanitary mode of compliance.

– We – also — underlined then the head of the Russian Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova. Is just now, at the time of the interview was removed. Mr Sobyanin also a mask, see?

citizens who come to the site, measure the temperature. Here are these measures sufficient?

– I think, more than — meets Sergei Sobyanin. — In addition to sanitary measures, as you have listed — and the masks, and gloves, and social distancing, and desirable, continuous disinfection and so on. In addition, the following happened: millions of voters have moved to electronic voting, pressure on the portions much smaller. Before we had a vote one day, and now, in fact, 6 days. Naturally, the flux is distributed, and there are no queues. You come – almost one on the site. Voted and left. That is, exclude any contact and contamination.

– Before July 1 — 6 days, then on 1 July — says Ella Pamfilova.

– Yes, six days plus one, confirms the mayor.