Sobyanin told about the removal of restrictions in the capital

Moscow 12 CT centers, which hosted the diagnosis of patients with suspected coronavirus, re-start scheduled receptions. Besides, opening of medical facilities, not associated with COVID infection. On the resumption of vital projects, the sad statistics and the may storm is over, Sergei Sobyanin told in an interview to “Russia 1”.

the Unique equipment of the Centre of surgery of the upper extremities based on the hospital named after Yudina. In one of the offices have been renovated, equipped with modern beds, high-tech equipment. It will provide and emergency assistance, and planning. The first patients will take this summer.

“the Creation of such a highly specialized center, I think, will help to return to a full life a lot of people who were injured, injuries that may be incompatible with their current profession. It’s very very important, — said Sergey Sobyanin. — In this case already have everything in order to provide the high tech help.”

Hospital name Yudina — the largest hospital in the South of the capital, one of the first hospitals to join the fight with COVID-19. And while here will continue to provide assistance to patients with coronavirus. Pandemic is retreating, but still coming about the new infected. Mortality statistics for may, expected is high. May was probably the worst month, and it was obvious because the peak incidence occurred at the end of April — beginning of may, said Sobyanin. In Moscow, died on 5 thousand 200 people is a really big number. 2700 of them died directly from COVID, when the coronavirus was the immediate cause. Still, some part died from what COVID provoked chronic disease. The rest died of other causes, but they had a test to COVID.

“the Question is not only in the statistics or in the number of deaths – every death is a tragedy, it’s a pain people who have experienced the loss of loved ones. I’m sorry, this is really a great sorrow,” said the mayor.

Moscow, having developed a powerful hospital network, provides assistance to all without exception, who are in such a situation. Moscow doctors are fighting for every patient, regardless of age and severity of chronic diseases. Moreover, it is important not only to cure, the main thing is to prevent this serious condition of the patient. “About 200 thousand, which we observe, and which are treated, if they have any specific symptoms, the vast majority does not go into the category of severe patients. The majority of which falls in a Moscow hospital with complications, were carried out either by self or was not observed in the outpatient network is not addressed to the doctor. During a pandemic, saved 65 thousand people, which is a lot, reminded the mayor.

this week has opened in Moscow beauty salons and Barber shops, was repealed by the mode of isolation and the electronic pass. To Muscovites have allowed to walk without restriction. But the capital finally returned to normal life will take at least two months. Further stages of the removal of restrictions is 16 June, 23 June. But a number of limitations, including free entrance to sporting events, cinemas, theatres, public events – “go” for July. The Moscow authorities will continue to monitor the situation: if you get worse, the timing of the removal of restrictions postponed, if preserved, will allow and, accordingly, more and more back to normal.

the Pandemic has affected large urban projects such as the construction of metro, roads and renovation. Some construction had to freeze.Plus a number of contractors who supplied components, at that time did not work, the factories stood. “But I hope that before the end of the year, we still bases the volume up, and the fact that you won’t, we’ll catch you next year. At least we all restrictions were removed and for funding and permission to build,” — said Sobyanin on the construction industry of the capital.

the New concessions will not mean that the virus retreated. The wearing of masks in public transport and buildings – and even gloves, remains a necessary measure. Muscovites are advised to avoid crowded places. But the portal earned service, which shows the workload of the capital’s parks. With the help of it you can plan trips to avoid exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.