Sobyanin told how to vote on amendments to the Constitution

the Mayor of Moscow on air of TV channel “Russia 24” told what kind of voting on amendments to the Constitution will give preference to will come personally to the polling station or to vote online.

According to Sergei Sobyanin, he would like to go to the site, to demonstrate the safety of this type of voting. The mayor said that he was going to come to the Public chamber and to cast their vote electronically. Capital Chapter drew attention to the fact that this decision is not due to the fear to be infected with the coronavirus, as it so often happens in hospitals, cafes, shopping centers.

Sobyanin said that he personally wants to test the electronic voting system. The mayor said that more than million people decided to cast their vote remotely. In this regard, the head of the capital expressed the hope that all goes well.

Earlier, the mayor said that this week the number of detected carriers of the coronavirus fell by 37 percent, while the number of tests remains the same.