Sochi museums and theatres back to life as usual

In Sochi, open museums, theatres. Creative troupe already started rehearsals, and expositions in museums are waiting for residents and tourists.

for example, the Museum of history of Sochi is preparing an exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the city, which will be celebrated on 9 July. Will be presented rarities, donated at various times guests of the resort. And the Art Museum presents the exhibition on the 80th anniversary of the outstanding dancer Rudolf Nureyev. Visitors will be able to see the etchings of Giuseppe Guerinoni sculptor from Bergamo. In the hall of the Museum you can watch a video of the sculptor to the Russians and to the country with words of gratitude for the invaluable support and appreciation.

As specified by the “Vesti Sochi” on the approach of the resumption of concerts in the “Festival”, as well as the opening of the city library.

in addition, today resumed walking tours of the “Sochi Autodrom” with the opportunity to visit the “Sochi Auto Sport Museum.” Given the current epidemiological situation the provision of services will be in accordance with applicable requirements of the individual security. Each visitor will measure the temperature, it is necessary to wear masks and gloves, keep your distance and treat hand sanitizer installed at the entrance.

Text: state television and radio company “Vesti Sochi”