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Social activists fear for the fate of paintings by the Roerichs at ENEA

Social activists fear for the fate of paintings by the Roerichs at ENEA

temperature Fluctuations, failure to follow the level of humidity, the lack of proper ventilation can be harmful to priceless paintings by Nicholas and Svyatoslav Roerich. The paintings are now in one of the pavilions ENEA, but many believe that the conditions there are not for the rich collection. His assessment of the situation was made by the specialists of the Ministry of culture.

a Meeting of representatives of public organizations and the Ministry of culture took place in the 13th pavilion, where in the spring moved to the Museum of the Roerichs. Social activists are convinced that many Museum standards of exhibition of masterpieces — broken.

“a Little picture to put so high is to some extent actualposition reception. From Roerich’s paintings made a decorative frieze,” — said Maria Maistrovskaya, doctor of arts.

One of the main complaints members of the public — that’s the wall. It is punctuated by a huge window openings, covered with a thin layer of drywall. And priceless paintings hanging as if on glass. But even more dangerous temperature and humidity conditions. Battery, the activists claim persecute the scalding air directly into the priceless canvases.

“Well, now is not fuck? Because they are off for five days. Specifically to worked here this Commission. You understand what’s going on? We’ll leave and everything will turn” — said Natale Khubulava art.

“I understand that there is something to improve, but there is nothing critical. There is no reason to believe that the paintings of the Roerichs is threatened. Talking about this the experts and we listen to the opinions of specialists”, — said Vladislav Kononov, the Director of the Department of museums, Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

the Expert Committee of the Ministry of culture shows the monitoring data. During our last shoot, by the way, not all temperature sensors were in place. But now experts demonstrate — all fixed. Temperatureatura in the room where hang pictures, +18°. Humidity about 40%. Closed batteries reflective screens.

“It’s collecting the heat screen from a battery, which, when the hot air rises, takes him aside, that was not a direct ascent air painting”, — said Dmitry Antonov, head of the state research Institute of restoration.

“this is actually the most common metal corners and window ledges. This is not the screen, it’s not Museum equipment. We want to know where there is a fire safety system? And what is it — water, dry? We can’t see her. There are no vents, no”, — said Olena Yeshchenko, the representative of public organization.

Another claim — closet in the new Museum. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the paintings.

Representatives of public organizations dissatisfied with the conclusions of the Commission of the Ministry of culture and believe that the situation requires the intervention of international experts. That should give the conclusion: can a unique work to exhibit in the pavilion at ENEA.

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