Social justice: Mishustin, would focus on improving incomes

the Result of the President’s speech to Parliament about the need for change – the resignation of the previous government. And before the end of the week the new Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin. Who will he take to the new office? While active members of the government in his speech in the Duma, mentioned only one Anton Siluanov. Even appointed Daniil Egorov changer in the office, you switched to premiere, – in Federal tax service. However, the international rating Agency Standard&Poor’s enough to confirm the sovereign credit rating of Russia with “stable” forecast and predict GDP growth of almost 2%. But who is still Mishustin? We checked our editorial database and found at my old job most of the interview he gave it was “Vesti on Saturday”. We have something to say about it.

Ten years ago, we saw in his office the stick. However, by what his role in hockey, we will come back, and yet — the answers to the questions councilors with the approval of the Prime Minister.

“Well aware that made in the President’s Message should be seen primarily as a program of social justice. First and foremost is the increase of real incomes of citizens”, — said Mikhail Mishustin.

How can you change lives? Back to our first interview with him back in 2010.

“Our citizens are extremely uncomfortable. Incidentally, the taxpayer himself, and it’s not always convenient when you come different receipt notices for these taxes that you are required to pay. In particular, it is a tax on property, land, transport tax. You know how sometimes discrepancies? People uncomfortable,” — said Mishustin.

of Course, it was uncomfortable — there were so many pieces of paper. As everyone knows, has become a payment system. Another of the answers to the questions of councilors about all the government.

“they Need to eliminate excessive bureaucratization. Have we have excellent examples in the regions. I travel a lot and see it,” — said the Prime Minister.

In 2018, Musulin asked Putin to spread to the whole country invented a method of working with self-employed: with hairdressers, Tutors and so on. Worked. And lazy officials he fought the same “number” as we joked.

– As the employee will chase the violators of tax discipline?

– we girls are usually not chasing violators of tax discipline, — said Mishustin.

– Everything is already in digital format.

Not only in the “figure” was.

rasburicase, modernization and social justice Mishustin started back then, when they decide how to levy a tax for property: BTI or inventory.

“I think what concerns seniors and citizens with low incomes, will be installed a certain area, which will not pay property taxes. All this is discussed,” said Mikhail Mishustin.

Discussed. Approved. And by 2014.

“Amazing figures. For three years — from 2010 to 2013, the number of inspections was reduced two times, and the performance is almost doubled,” — said Mishustin.

at the same time, perhaps the first of all Federal agencies had already altered the tax in the place where was nice to visit. We then saw the now familiar to tax children’s corner. The boy draws a car, which, apparently, had come to register mom. Queues here, indeed, is no more.

Specialist of the first category Elena then showed us his workplace — no more paper.

And in 2015.

– And where do people go? I remember that before the hike in the Tax office — it was a day removed from life. Left mostly on the website?

– non-contact service. 17 million individuals have registered in your account, — said Mikhail Mishustin.

By 2018.

‘ do you Know how ephemeral it was in 2011? Another interesting share from all companies that are: 40% — said Mishustin.

– 40% of the companies working in Russia, was a “washout”?

– 1 million 800 thousand companies. Very difficult the situation was.

– now how many?

– 300 thousand approximately. 7% of all companies.

Recently, the business newspaper “Vedomosti”, summing up the work mishustina in FTS, wrote: “It is equidistant from political and business groups, are well aware of the situation in different sectors, worked closely with the security forces.”

in addition, from our interview with him yet 2010.

– What ended many months of searching on the question of who still needs to grab you by the hand: the IRS or the security forces?

– When these amendments were formulated, many questions arose: how to harmonize the criminal code with the IRS? The investigator of these tools in the criminal procedure code are not present, — said Mishustin.

But the investigator has a criminal case.

“Absolutely true”. And so the amendments were formulated and reported to the President. The investigator has a direct reference. Exactly the same as it was in a situation when the IRS filed about the possibility of closing the case, the so-called active repentance. Such a hard term.

– And no criminal prosecution in this case?

– Then the prosecution will not is very important.

Year after year, the reports did become more interesting. The experts will evaluate: by 2018, real growth in tax revenues over 5 years exceeded GDP growth. But of course, this does not mean that everything always went so well already.

on the one hand, in preparation for the first Amnesty, everything seemed to be fine. Ultramodern center of FNS at the intersection of Volokolamsk highway and the Moscow ring road.

– of Course I won’t tell you about the people who came and used it. We even that is not obrabotalAEM, — said Mishustin.

– this is the main question, because it promised that a person comes and gives the documents and you close them in an iron box. And here it is lying on a shelf.

Is true.

– so you didn’t even put in the system that received? Even the surname, name, patronymic name?

– did Not enter, we were only introduced in system of the applicants themselves, in case of international requests to identify information. But this information is not contained in the automated system of the Tax service.

– That is, even the inspectors are not looking at what is written there?



is True.

Leak was not. But the law… the idea is that mishustina on the laws was to do. Then it came to the laws of “pull”. And very soon…

last year, they took even in the Caribbean, in Grenada, about which earlier it was believed that this area is solid offshore and leaving from taxes. Now all less and less. How? Why?

Budapest. The city where was held the meeting of the Organization for economic cooperation and development, the way in which Russia was closed after 2014, which hosted one of the first breakthroughs.

– How is it in Budapest?

“all right,” admitted Mikhail Mishustin.

the City of contrasts?

– Yes. Beautiful city

– He is indeed a city of contrasts. Because it’s the EU, NATO. You are from Russia. And you’re coming. What? With cash registers, you say?

– believe it or not, Yes, with cash registers and waited.

Please note, in 2015, the screens were translated into international English program of the Russian FTS on-line data logging with cash registers. VAT — is the VAT. And then there was the exchange of information on taxes with almost all of the world.

We have become accustomed in Russia to such tricks. But I after talking with you began to look to Western checks. Little where you see this.

– And they are almost there, — said MishaStin.

– This you teach Westerners?


in Addition to openness to the world another of the recipes mishustina — attracting the maximum number of young.

From the speech in the Duma on the instructions of the President. Work on national projects needs to be boosted. While this happens everywhere. The most important question is a new quality of governance. The President received the government to be in the forefront of the development of the country.

And when we first met.

– in General, you are by nature a defender, the striker?

Forward. If not by nature, but by the roles in hockey — said Mishustin.

– And the IRS?

– This is a complex issue. Probably, goalkeeper.