Solovyev showed the results of the examination on the case of Ephraim

At driver airbag Jeep Grand Cherokee actor Mikhail Efremov found his sweat and epithelial cells. The expert’s conclusion on the issue presented in the broadcast of “nightingales LIVE” journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Soloviev.

the document forensic center of the MIA of Russia in Moscow said that the expertise provided by the cut of the airbag and a sample of buccal epithelium of Ephraim. To allow examination of questions were raised, whether submitted the cut of the airbag in the steering wheel blood, and if so, whether it belongs to Michael Ephraim.

Of the sites provided for examination of the slice airbags did clippings (three fragments), which were placed in microcentrifuge tubes and used for further studies. According to the expert, two fragments of the cut of the airbag is detected “sweat, epithelial cells, which are descended from the Ephraim M. O.”.

On the third fragment of the slice is detected sweat and epithelial cells, determine the sex and establish the genetic characteristics of DNA and to answer the question about their origin from Michael Ephraim, is not possible — probably in connection with the degradation of DNA.

Blood and saliva on presents for examination a section of the airbag is not detected. Solov’ev did not specify how the report was in his possession, citing journalistic confidentiality.

Participating in the conversation the lawyer of the deceased in an accident the driver Alexander Dobrovinsky stated: finally put the dot on the i: behind the wheel of the car “were not the Martians, not evil spirits, and the Efremov”.

Ephraim is accused that on June 8 he was drunk driving and caused an accident that killed 57-year-old courier Sergey Zakharov. The actor’s lawyer Elman Pashayev, recently made a sensational statement: according to him, the new interrogation in the Main Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moscow Mikhail Yefremov said that the innocent. “That is, the crime he did not commit,” said Pasha, adding that he is more “nothing can explain”. “As for the car, when he said he was willing to pay, it’s because there was his car,” said lawyer Ephraim.