Solovyov assumed that's why the soldiers before the parade broke the window of the minibus FSO

a Criminal case against the soldier, a conscript, who before the Victory parade broke the window of the minibus are not initiated.

According to preliminary data, he suffered a nervous breakdown. The soldier was sent to psychiatrists, reported TASS a source in law enforcement bodies.

About the incident before the parade previously reported some media.

a Leading TV channel “Russia-1” Vladimir Solovyov, commenting on the situation in his morning radio and Internet program “СоловьевLive”, suggested that conscripts simply “baked head.”

In the explanatory note, as said the lead soldier wrote: he felt like he was being watched, and it is irradiated from standing next to cars.

In this case, Solovyov said, the soldier could hold a grudge due to the fact that at the last moment, he was transferred to the reserve team, which he was unable to participate in the historical part of the parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, which took place on the eve on the red square in Moscow.