Son of Nikas Safronov showed Volochkova, how to do the splits

the son of the artist Nikas Safronov Luke decided to demonstrate its flexibility and adopted the “rope challenge” ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. Corresponding to the 30-year-old pianist posted on his page in Instagram.

In the caption, Safronov, Zatravkin wrote: “Anastasia, I accept your “Sparatically”. While Luke accompanied the post with the following hashtags: “what do you know about the splits”, “Flexibility which is the envy of no one.”

Before Luke Safronov complained to Instagram that received severe sunburn, to prevent which could not even a barrier cream. According to the artist’s heir, he had to call the doctor.

Previously, Luke got into a curious situation. A young man stuck in a toilet stall of the aircraft. This moment was caught on camera by someone of the passengers. Safronov protested the act of a stranger, and announced the intention to sue the author of the video.