Sony again, will miss game E3

Japan-based Sony Interactive Entertainment will not take part in one of the biggest for the video game industry of world exhibitions – E3 in Los Angeles. About the same time the company said the publication

Sony is now in full swing preparing for the major release – the release to the market the PlayStation 5 (this will happen at the end of the year) and will miss E3, where for twenty years was one of the key participants, for the second year in a row. Previously, Sony regularly presented at E3 with new gaming consoles and major games.

the Company “respects the ESA as an organization, however, does not consider E3 2020 suitable platform for what are focused on this year,” quotes the edition of the Sony representative. ESA – Association entertainment software (Entertainment Software Association) – was formed as a branch organization games producers in the USA in 1994, and conducts E3 from 1995.

Instead, Sony Interactive Entertainment intends to develop its strategy of global events “taking part in hundreds of consumer events around the world.”

Text: To.Hi-tech