Sotnikova, Bezrukov and Tsiskaridze answered childish questions from young bloggers

They are called “generation Z”. They can not live without gadgets and earn more than their parents. In the Studio of “live with Andrey Malakhov” was found two generations: children, who became famous thanks to the Internet and have earned their first millions, and the famous adult star who loves and appreciates the whole country.

Music video 6-year-old Amina and 10-year-old Camille Abdullaevich scored 53 million views and their YouTube channel, signed up 7 million people.

the Number of subscribers to 16-year-old singer and blogger Katy Agustinoy on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok – more than 14 million.

Six-year-old Stefania Rostovtseva has been singing and figure skating. She invented a dance move for a clip of singer Svetlana Loboda.

12-year-old polyglot proud wheels knows five languages. He is a champion chess championship among schoolchildren under 11 years and the youngest of speedcuber in the world.

Young artists, dancers, bloggers and athletes asked celebrities about their journey to fame, about his childhood, about the difficulties and peculiarities of their profession.

Why Nikolai Tsiskaridze decided not to be the Director of the zoo and became a dancer? Forbade him to eat ice cream and that he would advise a child? What would Sergei Bezrukov, if he managed one day to return to childhood? Why would he not forgive anyone, ever? What bad things did Adelina Sotnikova, when you were little? What would she have asked the magic goldfish?

this and many other questions in an interview of Russian stars with their young counterparts in the program “live with Andrey Malakhov” on TV channel “Russia 1”.