Soul track

In the Novgorod region on a 561-kilometer route “Neva” was solemnly opened a monument “to the Fallen in the defense of the Fatherland.” In this place in 1942, fierce fighting killed 50 thousand red army soldiers of the Volkhov front, 30 thousand were captured.

the Bronze soldier, defending the homeland. Almost 6 meters in height with pedestal. More than 3 tons of weight. From sketch to the larger models of Cambrian clay in 3D and to cast in bronze – circa 9 months work.

the memorial is solemn. With the orchestra and the guard of honour. Immediately after the laying of flowers.

the Monument was installed on a 561-kilometer route M11 “Neva” in the Novgorod region. In 1942, here near the village of Meat Bor fierce fighting, which killed more than 50 000 soldiers of the Volkhov front. The remains of the soldiers in the Valley of Death found in 2013 during the construction of the road.

in Soviet times in these places the work of search engine traffic. Different groups are coming here to watch memory. In Myasnoy Bor, there is a memorial cemetery. About three hundred soldiers were reburied with full military honors. Of the individual 14 failed to establish and transfer the remains to relatives.

“what the search engines of Russia 75 years to return to the families and friends of the bodies of these fighters is worthy of respect”, — said Russian presidential aide Igor Levitin.

the Idea to immortalize the memory of heroes was born last year. At the all-Russian competition of choosing the best project. One of the challenges was to show the movement of a Soviet soldier.

“And when I looked at this monument, on the status of the soldier shows that he’s not going to attack, and protects the Homeland. There’s a saying in Novgorod — “Who to us with sword come, from a sword will perish,” said the Chairman of the Board GK “Russian highways” (“Avtodor”) Vyacheslav PetushenkoO.

Together with the monument on the other side of the highway, today inaugurated and consecrated the Shrine. It is made of limestone. But to be able to last for a century, was special.

“I am pleased to say that the road is alive and growing. In addition to material things, which are necessary for everyone on this road there are places of spiritual attraction, such as this wonderful monument. This kind of place will really become a landmark on roads,” said transport Minister Eugene Dietrich.

the site near the memorial posted a photo exhibition about the heroism of the Soviet warriors on this earth. It will be open until September. And experience in large-scale preliminary studies of the territory from the point of view of historical events in the “Avtodor” will now take the basis.