South Korea ready to counter North Korea

South Korea is ready to counter any North Korean threats, said the Minister of defense Jung Kyung Doo. This involves new strategic weapons, which was reported by North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN.

the Morning of January 1 is new year greetings to Kim Jong UN issued a report that the DPRK would not comply with the ban on nuclear tests, then Iran does not, and the United States not to take any action. New strategic weapons are being developed and will be submitted soon. He did not name exact date, but indicated that in the near future. Also, Kim Jong-UN warned that the country will continue to work on such weapons until then, until the US gives up its hostile against the Pyongyang policy. This is the result of a four-day meeting of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea.

Before that, the South Korean military has deployed Patriot anti-missile complex in Seoul to strengthen the protection of key facilities against a possible attack of North Korea. There is evidence that the complex is equipped with missiles, PAC-2 and PAC-3 to intercept aircraft and missiles at altitudes of about 20-40 kilometers. Talking about the redeployment of the battery was carried out from 2017, as the missile complex THAAD in the County Seongju County is sufficient to protect the southern part of the country, reports RIA Novosti.

the Military is very serious about the situation, said Chung Doo-Kyung.