Sparrows about the vote: our residents enjoyed

the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” told about how he appreciates the vote on the amendments to the Constitution.

– Andrey, but announced today the final figures for the vote on the Constitution, your reaction to these figures?

the Result is very high, this is a very high level of trust, responsibility, which got the whole country and the suburbs, in particular. We have 3 million 400 thousand votes. The turnout is very high. And, of course, first of all, thanks to everyone who came, who because of this coronavirus, and other standard limitations was not afraid. We all have a mouthful of trouble and yet we saw in various cities in the suburbs very high turnout and a very high level of confidence. It’s worth it. And our task is to continue to make everyone who has issues and problems, felt our concern, said today the President, that’s expanded government from the head of the municipality to the President, we all work in the same rhythm.

– Yes, indeed, a very large turnout for this vote was. Why do you think?

– we Have a turnout of 76 per cent. Because comfortable people. We in the yard went to the apartment came, however, with the limitations defined, but still. Still, this format, especially in the summer, it was definitely convenient, because, as I said, in this vast metropolis we have a lot of questions to each person, the pace is crazy and I see such a turnout. Convenient. Easy is the number of days, obviously. But, after all, the largest number came to the polls. We, of course, next time we’ll try also to participate in electronic voting, to provide such an opportunity, because for the young is particularly important. But the turnout is very high.

– E-voting: the voting used quite a lot of innovations – electronic voting, which you said, a vote for several days, the vote in the courts. Do you think that this can stay with us and for the upcoming election campaigns different?

– must always Remain something that gives legitimacy and, accordingly, makes the person comfortable. What is the vote? Here, electronic voting, of course, you can vote from the comfort of home is convenient. So next time we will try this option open. But we see that there is a tradition and to the polls July 1, it’s a lot of voters, and of all ages. Given COVID-19, in the courts, we launched the sites work, too, is also convenient, saves time. Voting at home, too, demanded a certain category of people, so let’s see how will life continue and what will remain. I think that everything should remain comfortable, providing, of course, a guarantee of legitimacy and all that is connected with voting control in particular.

Voting in the yard. Some have criticized, saying how it looks bad, somewhere just on the playgrounds, on some improvised tables. You must have seen many such photos on the Internet. What do you think about this?

– we had it all presentable to our residents liked. What came out of the house, voted, you are registered. The mask is, the gloves are. There are more, of course, the burden on the election Commission laid down, because 7 days is still a long period, and security measures must be adhered to strictly, contacts much. Special words of gratitude and the Central Committee, which coordinated the entire work and, of course, our precinct election commissions, territorial, observers who patiently inquisitive and sitting all the time watching and who is voting, it’s all such hard work.