In the dispute over the passing of the special fund for the Bundeswehr, the SPD parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag, Rolf Mützenich, threatened the Union with going it alone by the traffic light coalition. If the CDU and CSU crossed each other in the Bundestag with a view to the necessary two-thirds majority for an amendment to the Basic Law, then there were “other ways than the military constitution” to provide the hundred billion euros, said Mützenich of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.

“If Germany is in an emergency situation, Article 115 allows borrowing with a simple majority,” said Mützenich. At the same time, he again warned opposition leader Friedrich Merz (CDU) against “tactical games” in the vote.

The SPD parliamentary group leader said that the coalition still had to agree with the Union on how NATO’s goal of spending two percent of gross national product on defense should be anchored. “NATO leaves open what needs to be planned in the national budgets to achieve this goal.”

“In the next week of meetings we will decide on the defense stop and hopefully also on the special fund. This will enable us to achieve the NATO goals,” emphasized Mützenich.

Regarding the criticism of Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) from his own ranks because of the approach to arms deliveries to Ukraine, which was rated as too hesitant, Mützenich said: “I’ve lost my patience.” That’s why he asked SPD MPs for an interview. He promised: “Ukraine will get what it needs so that it does not have to submit to a Russian dictated peace.”

The special fund was announced by Scholz after the Russian invasion of Ukraine to eliminate deficits in the Bundeswehr.