Compared to other weeks before, the last one in political Germany was relatively calm and without any major excitement. This is also reflected in Forsa’s new RTL/ntv trend barometer. When asked about party preferences, there were only two changes: the SPD gains one percentage point, while the AfD loses one. The values ​​of all other parties remained unchanged.

At 27 percent, the CDU and CSU are four percentage points ahead of the Greens (23 percent) and even seven percentage points ahead of the SPD (20 percent). The AfD falls to 9 percent, the FDP 8, the Left 4 and all other parties together 9 percent of the vote. The proportion of non-voters and undecided is 20 percent and thus further below the proportion of non-voters in the federal election at the end of September 2021 (23.4 percent).

In the surveys of other institutes in the past two weeks, the Union is between 26 and 30 percent, the Greens between 21 and 23 percent, the SPD between 18 and 22 percent, the AfD between 8 and 12 percent, the FDP between 7 and 9 percent , the left between 4 and 6 percent and all other parties together between 7 and 8 percent.

In the Forsa survey, Olaf Scholz falls below the 40 percent mark again for chancellor preference. 38 percent (minus 3 percentage points) of all those eligible to vote would currently choose him and 21 percent (plus one percentage point) for the CDU chairman Friedrich Merz if they could choose their chancellor directly. 83 percent of SPD supporters would choose Scholz, and 52 percent of Union supporters would choose Merz.

20 percent of all eligible voters (down two percentage points) currently trust the Greens, 12 percent (up one percentage point) the CDU/CSU, 11 percent the SPD, 3 percent the FDP (up one percentage point) and 4 percent the other parties (up one percentage point). ) political competence. 50 percent currently do not trust any party to solve the problems in Germany.

The data were collected by Forsa from June 7th to 13th. Database: 2511 respondents. Statistical error tolerance: /- 2.5 percentage points.