Special emphasis on the economy: first meeting of the Cabinet

In the financial-economic bloc happened noticeable changes. In particular, he replaced the Minister of economic development and first Deputy Prime Minister appointed adviser to the President on the economy.

the most Important task of the new government will be to achieve growth of the Russian economy. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at the first meeting of the new Cabinet on Tuesday, January 21. According to him, it is necessary to achieve significant change in business climate in the country and start a new investment cycle. These tasks will fall on the shoulders of the economic block of the government, which has undergone some changes.

to Reply directly for the economy in the new Cabinet will be Maxim Reshetnikov. He was appointed Minister of economic development is Maxim Oreshkin. Reshetnikov from 2017 held the position of Governor of the Perm region. Special attention he paid to the issues of digitalization. During his work in Perm Krai has risen in the ranking of the “Digital Russia” at 16th place. This is particularly important given that the digitalization is one of the main tasks of the new government along with the implementation of the national projects.

that the new government will be a special emphasis on the economy, says the appointment of first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov. He held the post of assistant to the President on the economy in 2013, and before that he headed the Ministry of economic development. Mikhail Mishustin particularly appreciated the role of the Belousov in the new Cabinet.

“I would like to thank now first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, with whom we are many years from the time of the Ministry of economic development and trade. He always dealt with issues of the economy, was in charge of issues, including those related to FTS. I want to thank you for having accepted this offer, and to wish us all good luck and to congratulate the government with the appointment,” — said Mishustin.

Anton Siluanov, so pokeyno post of the first Deputy Prime Minister, however, will retain the post of Finance Minister. To this position he was appointed on 16 December 2011. After the resignation of the government Dmitry Medvedev, Anton Siluanov said that the new Cabinet waiting for a higher rate and pace of development as well as new ideas and suggestions. Mikhail Mishustin, in turn, said that before the Department Siluanov tasks are enormous.

“Today the Ministry of Finance are very vast and serious problem. Today we are signing the decree of the President on transfer to the Ministry of Finance of the Agency. And many other elements that will enable the Finance Ministry to work effectively on strengthening of material base and macroeconomic stability”, — said Mikhail Mishustin.

the Finance Ministry will prepare amendments to the budget required to implement the President’s address to the Federal Assembly, said the Finance Minister. The idea is to find the means to implement the measures of socio-demographic support, voiced by the head of state. The Minister noted that taking into account the measures provided for in the Federal Assembly, it is necessary to clarify plan for achieving national development goals.

“We have prepared resources for the implementation of the address. As you have previously outlined, Mikhail, the total amount of additional resources until 2024 is more than 4 trillion rubles. Sources — they are. The main part of the resources of the Federal budget,” — said Siluanov.

as for the other posts in the economic block, energy Minister Alexander Novak and Minister of industry Denis Manturov retain their positions. They both oversee their respective areas, starting in 2012. Also in the new composition of the government remains the Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich, he took office in 2018. Retained his post and the Minister pagejitelstva and housing and communal services Vladimir Yakushev. In total, twelve Ministers from the previous government remain in their places.