French climber-extreme Alain Robert, otherwise known as “Spiderman”, climbed the 187-meter skyscraper of the Total company, which is located in the suburbs of Paris. Thus he supported the strike against pension reform.

As reported by La Voix du Nord, before climbing Alain Robert said that people will spend forty years of his life at work, which often for them is unloved. According to him, he was already not far from retirement, but the only way his salary is climbing. Robert wondered whether he in this case to make a single ascent up to 64 or up to 67 years. Extreme noted that some professions complicated, because it must be taken into account.

the magazine reports that after “spider-man” got to the roof, he was detained by police. By the way, this is usual procedure for the extreme — he often has problems with law enforcement because of his passion.

The French skyscraper Alain Robert conquers for the eighth time. First he climbed up on his wall in 1999.

on his page On Instagram a few hours before climbing extreme shared a video, which depicted a glass skyscraper.

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the Strike in France lasts for more than a month. The protesters oppose the pension reform, which involves the abolition of special pension plans for railroad workers, Opera, ballet, lawyers and other fields.

In December 2019, the artists of the Paris national theatre performed on the steps of the Palais Garnier is an excerpt from the ballet of Pyotr Tchaikovsky “Swan lake”.