Teutonia 05 has not had a real home for a long time. The football team from Hamburg-Ottensen has had to play its home games in the Hoheluft district since it was promoted to the Regionalliga Nord. The stadium of the same name there is actually the site of Oberliga club SC Victoria, but their own sports field at the Kreuzkirche doesn’t even come close to meeting the requirements for the fourth division.

For the DFB Cup, in which the Hamburg title holder meets Bundesliga club RB Leipzig in the first round, the Hoheluft stadium with its 5,000 seats is sufficient for the required size, many other Hamburg state cup winners have played their games there in the past against professional teams. However, the game must be played on natural grass. And that was replaced by an artificial subsoil five years ago.

Since the ambitious Ottenser are planning to go into the third division and had already submitted their license documents for the sporting success in the past season, those responsible are on the subject of renting venues suitable for professional football, know the options, costs and sensitivities of HSV and FC St Pauli.

For the cup game, however, there is another problem, at least in the case of the brown and white: Teutonia’s opponents. In any case, St. Pauli gave the regional league club a refusal to use the Millerntor Stadium (29,546 seats) and gave an unequivocal reason.

“As is well known, FC St. Pauli is extremely critical of RB’s model because we believe it is incompatible with the 50 1 rule, which we are committed to. The RB model is also met with strong rejection in our fan scene and supporters,” quoted the Hamburger Abendblatt from the letter from the neighborhood club: “FC St. Pauli therefore does not want to give RB a stage beyond possible competitive games, especially not on Millerntor, which stands as a symbol for solidarity and fairer football.”

SC Freiburg argued in a similar way on May 1 when it prohibited the opponents in the cup final from using the Badener logo for possible final fan articles. After the draw at the end of May, Teutonia’s sporting director Liborio Mazzagatti was still happy about “a great draw”. In the meantime, disillusionment has set in.

Now the Teutons are considering going to the large Volkspark Stadium (57,000 seats) as well as switching to the much smaller Edmund Plambeck Stadium (5,068 seats) in Norderstedt on the outskirts of the city. The Lohmühle in Lübeck (18,000 seats) would also be an option. The club had announced that they would have gone there even if they were promoted to the third division this summer.