St. Petersburg doctors and teachers declared war slusam

Petersburg, a comprehensive program of combating-nicotine mixtures. And only bans this will not solve the problem. About it today journalists were told on a press-conferences the staff of relevant agencies. We are talking about the so-called susah — certain compounds, containing in its composition of nicotine, said STRC “Saint-Petersburg”.

In recent months, distributing them mainly in schools. Experts speak about the real epidemic of nicotine. The police and CPS conduct raids, and not without success. Only in the last two months in the outlets seized more than 37 thousand of these nicotine treats.

Rospotrebnadzor Inspectors have shut down three companies that produce the mixture. But dangerous goods continue to enter the city, though not in such numbers as a year ago. According to physicians, last year ended up in hospital, of 16 children with nicotine poisoning pills.

the Common belief that the city needed a full program of prevention, it should be involved and teachers and parents. And the staff of the CPS asked St. Petersburg residents to report all facts of sale of snus. The inspectors will leave the place immediately.

Text: GTRK “Saint-Petersburg”