Staged a scandal in Diveyevo Volochkova has declared

Dancer Anastasia Volochkova found in violation of a quarantine declared a “war” Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region Gleb Nikitin. Earlier, the dancer had drawn attention to his person, scandal when you visit the monastery in the village of Nizhny Novgorod Diveyevo, closed on epidemiological considerations.

Volochkova fined, and Nikitin on his page on Instagram said that the limitations associated with the spread of the coronavirus, apply equally to all, including celebrities. The dancer is convinced that the Governor uses her name to “solve their problems with his own dishonest deeds and theft, and diverting attention from the real problems of the region, the discontent of the people and their ignorance.”

“the act of the Governor to me was the low and unfair! Would be a noble, knowing that I’m in town, would send a bouquet of flowers, and not the outfit of five someone has not presented and has not shown documents – protested Volochkova. – He made a cheap and disgusting performance.”

the Dancer was outraged that the authorities have removed the video with her participation and posted on the Internet. In this video, she is quite emotionally communicates with representatives of the administration. The artist promised to respond “with full war”, only “more intelligent” way.

“All the information of Your cheating and looting the area and people – free! But I can help using my name to convey to people the truth about You. Based on confirmed and disclosed the facts”, – said Volochkova. In her opinion, these facts will interest the audience more than the video with her participation.

Volochkova arrived in the village of Diveevo to visit located there Svyato-Troitskiy Serafimo-Diveevsky monastery. In April at the monastery of dozens of nuns discovered coronavirus. Because of the threat of the spread COVID-19 at the moment, pilgrims are forbidden to visit him, on services may only be attended by the residents of the village.

the Penalty for violating quarantine Volochkova intends to appeal.