Star Soviet sport accused the veterans home in an attempt to poison her

the TV channel “Russia 1” absolute world champion in rhythmic gymnastics 1967 Elena Karpukhina complained that in the house of veterans, where she moved voluntarily after a dispute with relatives, it was regarded “evil” and even tried to poison.

the 69-year-old former athlete suspects that the BB something “fed”, and as a result they suddenly fall into a deep sleep.

Karpukhina said that this happened to her. She calls the boarding house for the elderly, for the room in which he paid 46 thousand a month, “conveyor of death”, which suffered a lot of abuse.

as a result, the elderly woman decided to go back to my apartment, which due to disagreements with the daughter of wills to the state.

to Help Karpukhin asked Olga Molchanova — artistic Director of one of the programs when I saw, in what conditions there lives the champion of the world.

“it was a terrible episode. Her are some two people who were presented by doctors of the psychiatric hospital and interrogated!” — outraged Molchanov.

whether in the house of veterans mock the elderly? Why was it about Elena Karpukhin?

why she quarreled with her daughter and her family, and why wills the apartment to the state?

That is it tell next-of-kin? And what famous athlete puts family secrets to strangers?

read More about this in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.