The trial of the murder of Dutch crime reporter Peter R. de Vries has begun in Amsterdam under the strictest security measures. The alleged perpetrator Delano G. (22), who is said to have shot the journalist, did not want to comment on the charges in court on Tuesday. “I don’t want to say anything,” said the man from Rotterdam. His alleged accomplice denied the allegations.

The prominent reporter (64) was shot on a street in Amsterdam in July 2021 and died nine days later. The act had shocked the Netherlands. There are many indications that the internationally notorious drug gang of Moroccan Dutchman Ridouan T. (44) was responsible for the murder.

He is currently being tried with 16 others in Amsterdam for multiple murders and attempted murders. The prosecution speaks of a “oiled murder machine”. The verdict is expected in July.

The two suspects were caught on the freeway shortly after the crime. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the murder weapon was also found in the car. A cell phone with incriminating text messages was also found.

The Pole Kamil E. (36) residing in the Netherlands is said to have driven the getaway car. But he claims to be innocent. “I haven’t murdered anyone. I was just the driver,” he told the court. He picked up the accused Delano G. from Rotterdam and brought him to Amsterdam. The public prosecutor is convinced that both acted on behalf.

Peter R. de Vries was well respected in the Netherlands as an uncompromising fighter against crime. At the same time he was in the sights of organized crime. Nevertheless, the reporter refused personal protection. It remains to be seen why other security measures were not taken.