Startup took billions of photos from social networks and created a facial recognition system for intelligence

the New York Times told about a little-known American firm Clearview AI, which provides services for the implementation of the system of recognition of persons, about 600 law enforcement agencies in the United States. Image library of a startup with billions of photos taken from social network, seven times larger than the FBI database.

Clearview AI financed by Peter Thiel — co-founder of the online payment services of PayPal and an early investor Fasebook. The businessman also connected with the established in 2003 company Palantir which provides state agencies, intelligence agencies and other U.S. government agencies services “cibercontrol”.

According to the NYT, the base Clearview AI has over 3 billion images that were automatically downloaded with the “millions” of sites including Facebook, YouTube and Venmo. Designed startup tool allows you to upload a photo and associate it with any image in the library.

Biometric technology Clearview AI right identificeret person in 75% of cases, the newspaper said. Moreover, the system is able to “know” someone, even in photographs taken at an angle or from a height (e.g. surveillance cameras). Tool Clearview AI, writes the NYT, has already helped in catching criminals, but its accuracy was not confirmed by any independent party.

Text: To.Hi-tech