State awards presented to those who serve the Fatherland

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

June 23, published the presidential decree on state Awards. Of course, in our times among the recipients of special attention is drawn to the names of our prominent physicians. Special introduction they need.

For his significant contribution to the development of health and medical science of the order “For merits before Fatherland” of the 1st degree awarded by the famous surgeon, cardiologist, academician Leo Bokeria. Now Leo A. — full cavalier of the order “For merits before Fatherland”.

the Order “For merits before Fatherland” 2 nd degree assigned to the General Director of group of companies “Mother and child”, Professor, a prominent obstetrician-gynecologist Mark Kurtzer.

the Order “For merits before Fatherland” 3rd degree is awarded to chief oncologist capital, Director of Moscow clinical scientific practical center of a name of Loginov Igor Katkov.

And earlier it became known laureates of the State prize. Usually the ceremony takes place the Day of Russia, 12 June, but this year — a clear shift. The award ceremony took place in the Kremlin on June 24.

Author: Polina Ermolaeva

Blue-white, with stenkami manor house surrounded by greenery. Dissolves in the aromas of summer. Ivanivka what she loved Sergei Rachmaninoff, And Where for thirty years he directed with the onset of heat.

“All of our culture came out of the provincial estates. Rachmaninoff, remembering Ivanovka, wrote that, while living in Russia he constantly sought to Ivanovka”, — said Alexander Ermakov, Director of the Museum-estate of Sergei Rachmaninov “Ivanovka”.

the Ruined manor finally restored long-term work of Director Alexander Ermakov. All his life — Ivanivka is, it says at the ceremony of presenting State awards: “If you are surrounded by those who doubt the strength and power of Russia, send them to me in Ivanovka, we will be able to educate them”.

On offer Vladimir Putin is responsible for the sidescarlet champagne: “Someone said that in my environment there are those who do not like Russia? It can’t be. Possible.”

the Kremlin was worried. But he was completely calm when for a week his “tag” — a hospital named after Filatov — turned into the country’s largest coveny hospital. Fifteen hundred beds. Filled and now. Valery Vechorko every day in the “red zone”.

“How can I not go if there whole team? It would be like to go on the attack, and the commander will say: you go, deal, and then I will come”, — says the head physician of city clinical hospital №15 named after O. M. Filatov Valery Vechorko.

and here is the public recognition of graffiti in one of the yards nearby of 15-th city hospital: doctor Vechorko, COVID winning. the first doctor who receives a state award for achievements in humanitarian activities. A historic moment

the Infection win, say scientists from St. Petersburg. state award for the creation of the modern drugs for the treatment of cancer. Now pharmacists, of course, given the development of vaccines against coronavirus.

for the First time on the day of the awarding of the state prize and awarded for outstanding achievements in human rights activities in the field of philanthropy. Maria Bolshakova almost 20 years headed the Union of families of servicemen of Russia.

keira Knightley is noted as the Creator of the charity Foundation. The cash equivalent of the prize — 10 million rubles — he gives his players. “No donation, no law, no global initiative are meaningless if the center of their ideas should not man and man”, — said people’s artist of Russia, founder of the charity Fund.

People — namely the old-timers of Baikal Siberia at the centre of research ethnographer from Irkutsk Galina Medvedeva. A badge of laureate of State prize receives and anthropologist Andrei Golovnev — ethnographer, Director The Kunstkamera Museum, the largest specialist in the culture of the peoples of the North. Its elements – the Arctic. “The Arctic is the area where everything is just beginning. In General, the Ethnography shows that successful innovation is always born in the stable traditions”, — said the scientist.

the Words are also true for physicists from Novosibirsk Institute of Thermophysics Kutateladze name. The state prize was awarded to Mikhail Predtechensky, Dmitri Markovic, Vladimir Meledin for the development of production technology of carbon nanotubes. And this is a real scientific and technological breakthrough, providing the strategic advantage in Russia.

the Country behind the red square sang “Victory Day”. People’s artist of Russia, composer David Tukhmanov everything happening in Moscow, watching on TV. At the ceremony of awarding State prize laureate, composer of the era — could not be present. He lives in Israel, borders are still closed.

“I am glad to be able to Express gratitude to my country where I was born and grew up and received an excellent education. Proud to speak Russian,” said David Tukhmanov.

shelves can barely contain books, the Foreword to which written by Valentin Kurbatov, writer, literary critic, member of the Council for culture and arts under the President of the Russian Federation. Laureate of the State prize for the preservation of traditions in the Russian literature have brought a premium suitcase in his tiny apartment in Pskov. Keeper of traditions, history, culture, language, ascetic, like all recipients.

the Winners of the State prize life dedicated to a noble in the service of the Fatherland.

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