State of emergency in the North-East of Moscow: what was the cause of the fire

Four people were injured in the North-East of Moscow in case of an emergency in a residential house on the street of Drifters. According to eyewitnesses, first heard a loud pop and then the house started a large fire that engulfed at least four apartments. What could be the cause of the fire?

About the reasons while early to speak. Versions already a lot and every have to check. But, if in order, it’s about 13:00 in the house there was the strongest cotton. It happened in an apartment on the third floor. Immediately after that in the house the fire started.

a Camera mounted on the porch, lifted the date of the incident. The footage shows how after cotton in the people sitting on the bench, flying debris. Arrived at the scene, firefighters found that burning several apartments on an area of about 70 square meters. By the time the flames had been contained, its area increased to 200 square meters. Here is a review of the employee MOE:

— Was discovered open burning of four apartments, and the people, crying out for help. The fire was extinguished within an hour. Just rescued seven people, three of whom needed medical care. The fire was further collapse of the interior panels on an area of 25 square meters. It happened due to thermal effects.

currently, the flames were extinguished, but the place of the accident continues. Here drove metal piles — obviously, there is a risk of further collapse of the building structures and will be strengthened. Despite the challenging environment, the work already started by the investigators. We have our first review of Investigative Committee:

In a residential building, located in the North-East of Moscow, the cotton that caused the fire. The investigation has information about the three victims. All of them delivered in medical institutions of the city, but the exact amount is specified. At present investigators and criminologists of the mouthnalivayut all the circumstances of the incident. By results of check the procedural decision will be made.

Residents of the entrances closest to the epicenter of the fire in the apartment are still not allowed. Many remain in the yard behind the cordon, someone went to the temporary shelters that were deployed. According to owners, there was a gas leak. This could occur in the apartment where supposedly lives a retired law enforcement officer. It, according to eyewitnesses, the scene of the incident was taken away in an ambulance. But what eyewitnesses say about the moment cotton

— Sit, communicate with people, suddenly thunder is heard as if the whole house is jumping. I went outside, looking — glass flew and flames erupted on the third floor

When people will be able to return to the apartment, which has not suffered from fire, it is not clear. Now we have to wait until the experts will inspect the damaged house and make a conclusion about whether it is suitable for living. Meanwhile, emergency services continue to work on the site of emergency. We follow the development of events.