States consider themselves

the United States does not plan to withdraw from Iraq. Therefore, any delegation that will be sent to the country to discuss the updating of the strategic cooperation between Washington and Baghdad, not withdrawal. So the US state Department responded to the call by the acting Prime Minister of middle Eastern States to start negotiations on the withdrawal of us troops from Iraq, writes RIA Novosti news Agency.

the state Department is confident that it is now necessary to discuss financial, diplomatic and economic partnership. Also Americans called themselves “a force for good in the middle East”.

we will Remind, the acting Prime Minister of Iraq, Adel Abd al-Mahdi in conversation with Secretary of state Mike Pompeo asked to send a delegation for talks on the withdrawal of U.S. army units from the Republic.

the Prime Minister pointed to the fact that the United States illegally relocating its forces in the country and us drones aren’t allowed to fly in Iraqi airspace.

the Situation in the middle East escalated after the United States killed the head of the special operations forces of Iran’s Qasem Soleimani. After this, the Islamic Republic launched a missile attack on military bases in Iraq where the American military.