States cut spending on the Navy. Going under the knife missile cruisers

the Military-the U.S. Navy plans to get rid of 20 ships. This is due to reduced expenditure on the Navy in the new defense budget. In the first place, will go under the knife missile cruiser of the Ticonderoga class: of the 22 ships that are in service, 13 retirement, said the Agency “Interfax”.

in Addition, the American sailors plan to get rid of three landing ships Whidbey Island class and four warships near sea zone class Freedom and Independence.

Get the basic ships of the US Navy – destroyers class Arleigh Burke. The program would be reduced from 12 to 7 units. This will allow you to save some 9.4 billion dollars, or 9% of all funds allocated to the production of new ships.

Now the Navy of the United States are the 66 Arleigh Burke destroyers, 10 are in various stages of construction and another 12 signed contracts.