Stay in the South and a mask mode: the head of the Federal tourism Agency has dispelled speculation

the Current situation does not allow yet to talk about holidays in the South of Russia without any restrictions, but on the beach and outdoors you will be without a mask, told the TV channel “Russia 1” the head of the Federal tourism Agency of sarin doguzova.

“no One is going to turn hotels and resorts in Observatory. We have done extensive work in conjunction with the CPS, and those items that has troubled many another month and a half ago, is gone,” she said.

So, the beaches will be enough to keep a distance, the mask is not needed. The beds are regularly disinfected. The restaurants and the pools will be open as usual. There are also no restrictions for all active sports outdoors. Mask mode is required only for closed spaces.

the head of the Federal tourism Agency has denied the fake that in a hotel room supposedly will not settle in a couple, unmarried.

“This is absolutely not true. We have nothing to fear. We can safely arrive at the hotel and quiet rooms”, she said.

Zarina doguzova also touched on the topical issue of a possible price increase.

“We specifically looked at the prices and talked to the tour operators. And yet we see no increase in prices, they remained at the level of last year”, she stated.

According to the head of the Federal tourism Agency, it is wrong to interfere in the market process of the tourism business, he suffered so much.

the main task of the industry doguzova considers the necessity of creation of more safe and comfortable destinations for Russians. To do this, this year, will be subsidizing tour operators that they did for consumers with new available packages. As well as jointly with the transport Ministry planned to expand the program of preferential flights and increase offers on tickets to popular tourist destinations.

“We feel triple Tobetstvennost to our citizens where to go and also comfortable and safe to rest. And do this all possible”, — concluded the head of the Federal tourism Agency.

Earlier, the head of the Federal tourism Agency of sarin doguzova said that the losses suffered due to pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 Russian tourism industry, will not be able to catch up before the end of next year. In the first half of 2020, it is estimated the loss of the tourist industry of 1.5 trillion rubles.