Stick of dynamite in a powder keg: why trump ordered the killing of Iranian General

Almost all the cities of Iran is similar to the bubbling cauldron. Immediately after news of the death of Soleimani took to the streets millions of people. Shocked by the loss, they chant anti-American slogans and demanding revenge for the commander. It can see and those who planned and organized the attack on the General. Why the United States decided to sharply aggravate the situation in the middle East, which is one step away from a new big war?

the Moment the missile attack on the motorcade, which was Qasem Soleimani, was on video surveillance. Minutes later at the exit of airport Baghdad — already the burning skeletons of cars. Look so that immediately clear: the chances of survival for those who were inside, was not.

the Pentagon confirmed that the commander of the special forces of the IRGC major General Qassem Soleimani was killed by missiles launched from drones. The operation was planned and conducted joint special operations command of the United States. In the vicinity of Baghdad — at least three bases, which could fly drones: Taji, victory, Balad.

“Soleimani has just arrived in Baghdad airport, climbed in the SUV, and within a few minutes he was dead. An advanced American drone fired powerful missiles at a car carrying Iranian General and representatives of Pro-Iranian militias,” said the American.

Soleimani could kill and under Obama and under Bush (they also had drones and missiles), writes The New York Times, but only trump decided to step multi-year cold war between Tehran and Washington may translate into the hot phase. Instead of a clear explanation for several hours on Twitter trump just hung the American flag, but in the end, the White house still wrote a few text messages.

“General Qasim Soleimani has killed or wounded thousands of Americans and planned to kill more, but was stopped! He is responsible for the death of millions of people, including the recently killed protesters in Iran. Soleimani hated and feared him withcountry, and people are not so sad as they want to show power. He should have been eliminated many years ago,” says Trap.

Another phrase on Twitter, “Iran won the war, but lost the negotiations” — trump, apparently, has left himself a loophole. From negotiations with Iran, however, the first came just Washington. The USA refused from the nuclear deal. Remember it well in Europe, and because all American morning with the Old Light on the phone was the Secretary of state Pompeo. Especially dissatisfied with the head of the state Department reaction to the Paris. The French foreign Ministry stated the obvious. The world after the killings in Baghdad has become less safe. However, the head of the state Department lives in a world us.

But here in Iraq, to the fact that America is so treacherous thinks pozaschischat its interests in ten thousands of kilometers from their borders, were not ready. And after all, this country was dealt a missile strike. Without permission from Baghdad and without notice of the UN security Council, which the Americans are now cynical thought in hindsight.

“This is a flagrant violation of the conditions of the presence of American troops in Iraq: their role was limited to training Iraqi troops and fighting ISIS (banned in Russia) in the international coalition, under the supervision and permission of the Iraqi government,” said Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

But the Americans didn’t hold back. 29 Dec (after the shelling of the base in Kirkuk when he was wounded four American soldiers), the Pentagon struck by object “Hezbollah” (banned in Russia) near the Syrian border. Then killed at least 25 Shia. It started with this whole escalation, which resulted in mass protests at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. January 1 in the region began to shift additional troops — 4000 military. In General, the hawks like this. Here woke up long papalciai John Bolton, who always wants to bomb Iran.

“I Congratulate all those involved in the elimination of Qasim Soleimani. Long-planned, it was a decisive blow to Iran’s sinister forces, “al-Quds” and their operations around the world. I hope this is the first step to regime change in Tehran,” said Bolton.

Any subsequent step, however, means open war. American forces in the region put on alert. Strengthened the protection of us embassies. The state Department urged Americans to leave Iraq.

the head of the Committee of nebezopasnosti and Iran’s foreign policy, meanwhile, counted on American military bases that are in range of Iranian missiles. Bases such – 36, and the nearest of them in Bahrain. But there are also American allies, including Israel, oil facilities, a key shipping routes, U.S. Embassy not only in the middle East, but around the world. There is also the cyberspace. In General, options for asymmetric response tend to infinity. Exploration of Tehran as the special operations Forces prepared perfectly.

What is the next step Iran? If he goes on a brutal revenge?

“Obviously, in the case of a direct military confrontation with the USA, then no, don’t go, because then Iran will lose. It seems that the least likely scenario. And, of course, American forces in the middle East can defend itself, especially now they are in a state of high alert with everything that’s happened”, said Nick Paton Walsh, CNN correspondent on international security.

That’s just an emotionless phrases (as from the scenario of the war game) hidden potential dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of victims. It is not enough from open conflict with Iran will not find anyone. Touches the entire region. Here is a comment from a potential rival trump in the election of Joe Biden: “President trump this action threw a stick of dynamite in a powder keg and he is obliged to explain to the American people the strategy and plan how to provide security.”

in solidarity With Biden and other Democrats (aboutt Sanders to Pelosi), who, however, never wrote about how they themselves had a hand in what is happening. Without the history of impeachment hunted trump hardly would began to solve domestic problems through foreign policy. For all the latest presidents of the United States is almost a standard story.

If you recall a previous occasion, the war against Yugoslavia, bill Clinton has unleashed approximately four months after he was impeached. December 19, 1998 voted by the lower house of Congress. March 24, 1999, Belgrade was already bombed.