Store Manager fired because of the sanitizer, sold under the guise of children's water

In one of supermarkets of St. Petersburg sold the sanitizer in the bottles of children’s drinking water. One of these bottles was bought by a local resident and given to the child. In the result, young girls had to wash my mouth and give activated charcoal and the store Manager promised to dismiss.

About the incident in St. Petersburg “roundabout” said the mother of the child victim. She described the event in the social network. The woman did not know that in a bottle with nursery water, which is brought from the store, her husband, would be disinfectant. According to her, the cap to drink upon opening the bottle was “sealed and characteristically crunched when opening”. The girl’s parents checked the second bottle of water, bought the same, and it was antiseptic.

as a result of the incident, the company X5 Retail Group undertook a review and decided to dismiss the management of the store. The audit showed that employees “pjaterochki” has prepared two bottles of antiseptic for internal use, but “as a result of continued negligence of the Director and the administrator of the shop” steripod got on the shelf with water. As RIA Novosti reported, these employees will be dismissed.

the Retailer also promised after the incident to conduct checks in all stores and further instruct staff.

In March, it was reported about the incident in one of Moscow kindergartens. There were five pupils were left unattended and were poisoned with rat poison. As it turned out, one of the children took the poison from the shelf and gave it to others.