Storm in St. Petersburg: parade flooded the streets blocked

a severe storm in the afternoon of 30 June, moving the timetable and the scheme of traffic in St. Petersburg. Fallen trees blocked some streets. The squares and parks had to be closed to the public. Inundated several state. Now in an emergency mode work municipal urban services.

It’s not rain, but just tropical rain. He came, as warned MOE after lunch. The sky suddenly frowned, Neva darkened. And in the next second, like someone had twisted the heavenly taps on full.

somewhere behind a wall of water “Lahta-center”, the familiar scenery outside the window as if washed away.

– But there should be Avenue culture — wondering observers.

Those who appeared at this moment on the street, I realized that to get soaked is not a figure of speech.

“We went went went. And then it began to rain.” says sports mark.

the Wet street, the rain began to regain new spaces: what is the weather forecast in the house in the South-West of St. Petersburg? In front – wet!

In the North of the Northern capital’s flooded streets. The parachute appears after every rain a branch of the Sink.

Parks, who barely had time to open to visit, had to close again because of the threat of falling trees.

In the hospital were the passengers of the Lada Vesta — a vehicle crashed maple and squeezed people in.

Now the rescuers eliminate the effects of the storm. Another tree fell on the car while driving. Had to block the street to get it tidy. Now rescuers have already removed the branches. And the total for the storm in St. Petersburg fell about a hundred trees.