on 14 June at 21:20 on TV channel “Russia 1” starts showing a series of dramas of Sergei Ursului “stormy weather.” The picture is filmed on the novel by Alexei Ivanov and tells about the events of a quite recent past.

the Soviet Union was collapsing and nobody knows what will happen next. Returning from war, useless veterans of the Afghan war, too, learn to survive in the new world of crime, injustice, sadness and loneliness. However, in this story there is a place and true friendship, and great love.

the Viewer is, of course, it will be interesting to plunge into the atmosphere of “dashing 90-x”. Perfected images, details of everyday life and familiar tunes — all in the movie recreated with documentary precision and evocative. For those who are not yet 30, will also be interesting to see the country, “which is no more.” Overall, a great opportunity for fresh eyes to look at our common past and, through it, and appreciate the present.

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