In Moscow, is awarded the “Golden eagles”. The new Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova read aloud a greeting from Vladimir Putin.

the TV Series “stormy weather” (TV channel “Russia”) was awarded the prize “Golden eagle” in the category “Best series”. Received the award of Director Sergei Ursulyak and producer Anton Zlatopolsky.

In this category was also presented the “Godunov” by Alexey Andrianov, “Call DiCaprio” Żory Gooseberry family, “Storm” Boris Khlebnikov, “house arrest” by Pyotr Buslov, “A. L. J. I. R.,” Alexander Kasatkin.

the Scenario of the year was filmed with the participation of TV channel “Russia”, “T-34”, the award was received by Alexey Sidorov.

Best mini-series (ten episodes) called the television channel “Russia” “Godunov”, which the creators have dedicated to memory of Stanislav Govorukhin.

the Prize for best music was given to Anna Drubich (“Odessa”, filmed with the support of the channel “Russia”). The prize was awarded to film Director Valery Todorovsky, who expressed hope that Drubich you can write more good music. Also, the ribbon was awarded for the best work of art Director.

In the category “Best documentary film” award winner was the picture of Alexander Zvyagintsev’s “No Statute of limitations. Opening the Cabinet of shame” in the category “Best animated film” painting by Konstantin Bronzit “He can’t live without cosmos”. Anna Mikhalkov took the award for “Best actress on television” for her role in the TV series “Storm” Boris Khlebnikov. For best actor on television marked Pavel Derevyanko for the film “house arrest”. The broadcast of the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden eagle” watch today on the TV channel “Russia 1” in 0.45 Moscow time.

the Ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden eagle” of the National Academy of motion picture arts andthe criminal code of Russia is on the film concern “Mosfilm”. The broadcast of the award maintains a website Вести.Ru. The annual award “Golden eagle”, which selects the winners of the Academy of film, headed by Director Vladimir Naumov has been awarded since 2002.