Story Behind the TikTok App and Its Popularity

Learning from the best is a path to success. When you realize the secrets of certain app popularity, you’ll feel the way to turn your ideas and raw sketches into a great service. Well, today we devote all our attention to TikTok. Are you eager to meet this super cool musical sharing platform?

How it all began

Originally, behind the TikTok idea was the desire to put together the advantages of social networks and possibilities of music and video platforms.

Once Alex Zhu – a Chinese entrepreneur – happened to observe a few teens who were having a great time listening to music, socializing, taking photos and recording some videos, showing their friends their pieces of art.

Alex was wondering how amazing it would be to give those youngsters a platform to enjoy everything they were doing. He thought that such a brilliant idea would guarantee the popularity of the service among young people. That turned to be the beginning of a new music platform era.

Obviously, Alex had to go through different rises and falls, and, finally, in 2017 the world saw a new kind of music service that turned out to be extremely popular a few years later. Before that, there were no such music apps like TikTok.

What’s TikTok?

In simple terms, TikTok refers to a particular program which is applicable for diverse mobile services. It serves to release short video clips. The maximum music video duration is 1 minute, however, the majority of users go for 15-second creations.

TikTok could be surely called a “video Twitter” since their concepts are similar: Twitter serves to exchange short messages, and TikTok is for making short videos.

TikTok provides opportunities for users to exchange their music video clips, sharing their moments of joy and happiness. Given music platform, offers the audience outstanding functionalities, like, beauty effects, diverse edit instruments, filters, a whole stack of free-of-charge musical tracks, etc. The audience enjoys live streaming, the possibility to watch other users’ videos and to express their opinion on what they see and hear.

Applying TikTok

#1. Do you enjoy making entertaining musical video clips? TikTok has plenty of tools to assist you with that. Just get your favorite composition from the list and apply various instruments to make your creation one-of-a-kind. Multiple stickers together with the possibility to adjust play speed are at your service.

#2. The audience can enjoy videos of other users and express what they think about those masterpieces.

#3. The searching algorithm is a piece of cake – what you need is one click away from you!

TikTok peculiarities

Let’s take a peek at solutions which TikTok developers have discovered to differ from similar programs. First, we’d like to distinguish the main competitors and what they have for the audience.

  • Instagram is a platform to publish personal stories in a picture or video format.
  • Facebook is mainly for text content.
  • Snapchat is great to enjoy 3D animation masks.

TikTok strives for giving its audience everything: possibility to create music videos and to share them, to make their creations unique and to express the feelings towards other videos.

However, TikTok’s key point of success is a well-selected target customer – the Z generation. Gen Z refers to people who were born after 1995. Those boys and girls cannot imagine their lives without mobile gadgets.

The time has come to reveal TikTok mystery of being so wanted and demanded. Here it comes.

TikTok secrets to success

Interesting fact: well-known social platforms, like, FB and Snapchat didn’t succeed to multiply their users last year. Moreover, they even lost some of their customers. Thus, TikTok managed to stand out over them even more. As we’re well aware of, majority of TikTok audience involves teens, and such demographic is critical, as people say, if you manage to take over youngsters attention, you’ll find the solution to win hearts and minds of mature users as well.

So, what is TikTok popularity is based on?

# So simple to build videos

The mentioned feature is one of those TikTok characteristics to make it special compared with other market players.

# Focus on the mobile segment

As opposed to YouTube, from the very beginning given music application was oriented to be enjoyed by means of mobile gadgets. The service is designed for the audience to record, modify, post and exchange their video clips using even out-of-date cell-phones.

# Participation of famous people

Celebrities are active users of TikTok. Stars, like Ariana Grande or Jimmy Fallon, happily enjoy the service together with common people. Celebrities organize some kind of competitions, challenging each other or encouraging the audience to record certain theme-based video clips. That’s a wise move to bring more users, isn’t it?

# Demand for short video clips

Multiple studies have proven that today’s people switch their focus from one thing to another pretty often, thus, TikTok 15-second videos are exactly what people need.

# The right target user

TikTok developers were so right to take the young generation to be its target demographics. Their life lies in the world of smartphones. Teens are so fond of social networks, and video content is one of their favorite part in it.

# Learning on your target user

It’s a great idea to determine your final audience. The next smart step would be to analyze who those people are and what they need. TikTok is checking comments and ratings, their analysis team focuses on counting how much time users devote to every video, they track the time of the day when users get online. Impressive, right?

# Machine learning assistance

TikTok plays smart, as the music program seeks assistance from artificial intelligence while analyzing the content. That’s the way to offer a personalized approach to its users, providing special news feeds.

# Advertisement

Advertising is critical. You cannot make it without ads. You are to tell people about your service and what if offers. TikTok chose YouTube to be advertised at. Some famous bloggers made a contribution to TikTok achievement as well.

Hopefully, this material will help you to build a robust and solid strategy for your music program to succeed and to become the next breakthrough.