Strange move for the Prime Minister: why Johnson went to the party to the former

“a Strange move for the people’s Prime Minister” is the title of the fresh article in the British newspaper The Guardian. The text to which the word “strange” choice, much more. Lit, or rather, decided to develop another conspiracy theory around the head of the government of the United Kingdom and the notorious Russian intervention on the grounds that Boris Johnson took part in a luxurious pre-Christmas party of the businessman Alexander Lebedev. The last British colleagues with a really incredible tenacity called a former KGB agent, and the presence of Johnson in the company of sir Mick Jagger, a popular actress Rosamund pike and, incidentally, the ex-Prime Minister David Cameron somehow I think it is extremely reprehensible. They say you shouldn’t visit this event with caviar and champagne immediately after the triumphant victory at the parliamentary elections. What, in fact, the reason for the claim and whether he did?

Photos of the Prime Minister, happily trying the caviar, the Guardian reader is not shown. Limited picture of Boris Johnson and his companion arrive at the mansion Lebedev in the heart of the British capital. At the same time, outraged the British edition, as the UK awaits the publication of the report of the parliamentary Commission regarding intervene if Russia in a referendum on Brexit.

“He is a man of outrageous. Boris Johnson in every way will continue to surprise us in such a kind of shocking. Shocking Russian the most interesting, it causes more emotion. Vodka, caviar, famous people, singers, actors… will Continue to warm up interest, and to Boris Johnson, will warm up interest. He should show that he is a politician of international level” — commented the political analyst Vladimir Kravtsov.

the Publication of The Guardian, perhaps, could be called news if the topic of friendships Johnson and the Russian oligarch they worked just a month ago. Then the head of the British government recalled his informal visit to Italy, attention, a year ago. The party also arranged Lebedev, and Johnson, he says, was returning home in a terrible hangover. Do not forget the journalists and to add that the name of Alexander Lebedev is often associated with the KGB.

“In The Guardian’s top theme and it’s pretty well risen in the recognition, dissemination. Miss the worn-out technology that is almost out, she just becomes a pity” — said the head of the Department of political science and sociology of the Russian Economic University. G. V. Plekhanov Andrey Koshkin.

fresh pseudoceratina the material The Guardian, insists that due to the luxury holidays, the Russians managed to create in Britain a powerful lobby. At the same time the text creates the impression that, if a person from Russia, then just running the Kremlin.

“it’s No secret, and talked a lot about this, that Russian money are very widely used in British politics. But as pressure from Moscow as interference in the British political process. So I think that this demonstrative visit of Johnson to Lebedev says that the new government understands the difference between Russian in London Russian in Moscow”, — said the Professor of international Affairs Igor Kovalyov.

Then the author of the article spoke about the many years of friendship, politics and Evgeny Lebedev, son of Russian oligarch, and part of the successful British businessman and media Executive. Johnson and Lebedev Junior working not less than ten years, in 2012, even dressed as homeless people and went to sleep on the street to attract attention to the problem. Why is now the Prime Minister and entrepreneur should ignore each other, The Guardian does not explain.

“Apparently, Boris Johnson is not a pathological Russophobe as some of his colleagues in Eastern European countries. Boris Johnson is a pragmatist, he builds relationships with all agencies, States, business that might be somehow useful, and apparently Alexander Lebedev for his interest as a business partner”, — commented the Deputy Director of the Institute for strategic studies and forecasts of PFUR Pavel Feldman.

the Tandem of Johnson Lebedev in attack The Guardian have responded with lightning speed, with British humor, if not trolling. The latest issue of the newspaper Evening Standard, which belongs to the Russian businessman, decorated with photos of old friends. The publication reports that the government will allocate 260 million pounds to support the charity project of Evgeny Lebedev. If The Guardian wanted to get Boris Johnson to make excuses for the friendship with the Russians, they have, to put it mildly, did not work.