Strange son of the deceased Irina Zybina has told about the attempt on his life

the TV channel “Russia 1” the widow’s son Eugene Evstigneeva actress Irina Zybina said that he was attacked. He suggests that the reason is inheritance, which is now being debated.

Eugene suggests that it could be the strange people that hung around Irina before her death, especially because there is an assumption: the actress did not die a natural death.

Wills, the actress did not leave. While in her ownership were three apartments in Moscow and a country house in the suburbs.

Eugene Blagonravov claims that his sister Zenobia, Pusa wants to get half of the inheritance, but believes it is unfair.

in addition, the son Zybina after her death, one solves a lot of problems: pays the mortgage, makes the cottage repairs, and the nurse was not helpful and believes Blagonravov, wants him to “Rob”.

the Kids actress grew up on different continents and have only met at the funeral of his mother, who his last birthday on 1 July 2018, noted in a circle of close friends, a son and a young lover — actor Denis Serdyukov.

the representative of the family of the former husband of Irina George Pacepa claims that he found out that Eugene Blagonravova two birth certificates and one of them is fake.

does he Know himself who is his own father? Who would attack the son of an actress? What strange people “hocus” Irina in the last months of her life, and why?

whether her children peacefully and fairly divide the inheritance? And what secrets it had been hiding for 20 years?

find more Details in the “program Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.