Strike a baseball match in the United States made a disabled girl

the Tragic incidents that occurred last year in the super League club MLB “Chicago cubs”, ended with the disability two-year girl, whose head hit a baseball. The projectile after impact of one of the athletes of the team of albert Almora clocked up 160 km per hour.

Immediately after the incident of the child who was in the stands with his family, was sent to the hospital, where was diagnosed with a fracture of the skull. Doctors for a long time followed the girl’s condition and finally revealed irreparable damage to the brain. Trauma to the doctors is ongoing.

“she has seizures, she’s taking her meds, and the trauma will torture her whole life”, – quotes the edition of The Sun of the lawyer of the victim families of Richard Mithoff. According to medical experts, the damage is comparable to the stroke, and in the future may result in loss of sensation and orientation in space.

Sam Almora, striking the ball still literally stunned by what happened: “I constantly pray for this little girl. At that moment I was speechless, I still have nothing to say to his two sons.”

After became aware of the consequences of the incident in the leadership of MLB, officials ordered all 30 teams participating in the regular season to use in the future season the safety net around the perimeter of the stadiums.