Stringent requirements for isolation need to save, says Sobyanin

city Authorities are sure that the most difficult phase of the fight against the spread of coronavirus falls in may.

As the channel “Russia 24”, that the public was informed by the mayor of Moscow and head of the working group of the state Council on combating the spread of novel coronavirus infection Sergei Sobyanin at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sanitary-epidemiological situation in Russia.

Moscow mayor said that despite the positive factors, the numbers of hospitalization is still high. Sobyanin noted that in may the number of deaths in the metropolis is higher than in April, because, according to him, the peak incidence occurred at the beginning of may.

“it is Obvious that the most difficult phase will be in may,” said the mayor, stressing that the Moscow authorities managed to stabilize the situation and avoid the worst-case scenario.

the Mayor believes that in a number of key indicators capital looks good, in particular, the daily number of newly identified infected COVID-19 fell from 6 thousand to 3 thousand, and the number of daily incoming critical patients to hospitals has decreased from 2,100 to 1 thousand people.

Sobyanin noted that the ratio of the incidence of coronavirus in Moscow has decreased to 0.97 and among other regions this is the best result.

the Official also believes that the launch of construction projects and industrial enterprises have not caused a new outbreak of infection in the city.

Sobyanin said that next week in Moscow will increase the volume of provision of routine medical care.

Speaking about the epidemiological situation in Russia, Sobyanin said that it is “stable enough and you could even say controlled”. About that, op his opinion, says that in most regions of the open industry, construction, agriculture, and transport.

as for Moscow, what the mayor Sobyanin said that in the capital it is necessary to maintain “strict measures, requirements fromunitarnoe isolation, self-restraint, the requirements on mask mode, in relation to the citizens”, including the movement for digital badges.